Easy crochet capelet

Thank you for all your color suggestions for my throw. I’m still not sure about the color I’ll choose, but I hope to finish the circles in the next day or two, so a decision must be made. Ill keep you posted!

Yesterday, whilst scouring through my stash to see what yarn I had, I came across six balls of bulky yarn I’d purchased a couple of years ago. Languishing. Not suitable for a throw. But so squishy and soft. Pleading with me to crochet them.





Easy crochet capelet 4Cold shoulders?

You need a capelet…

Easy crochet capeletAnd afterwards, you need a kiss…Easy crochet capeletEasy Crochet Capelet

Use 12ply yarn and a 10mm hook.

Chain 90 (or a chain long enough to stretch around your arms). Join to form a circle, taking care to not twist your chain. Work in rounds (do not join after each round), use a stitch marker to keep track.

Rounds 1 – 16:  Sc in each stitch around (or until the capelet is the desired length between top of arm and elbow).

Round 17: Sc 2 together (decrease) x 4, Sc in the next 37 stitches, Sc 2 together x 4, Sc in next 37.

Round 18: Sc 2 together x 4, Sc in the next 33 stitches, Sc 2 together x 4, Sc in next 33.

Round 19: Sc 2 together x 4, Sc in the next 29 stitches, Sc 2 together x 4, Sc in next 29.

Round 20: Sc in each stitch around.

Round 21: Sc next 1, Sc 2 together, repeat around.

Round 22: Sc in next 4, Sc 2 Together, repeat around.

Round 23 – 30: Sc in each stitch around.

Round 31: Sc in next 4, 2Sc in next (increase), repeat around.

Round 32 – 35: Sc in each stitch around.  Fasten off and weave in all ends.

Put on, and enjoy your cozy shoulders!

Janette df

41 thoughts on “Easy crochet capelet

  1. Cati trapaga says:

    I love it! Such a “grateful” project, (fast and easy) and that kind of yarn is very fashionable right now here in Mexico! I’m going to hook myself one 🙂 thank you!


  2. Linne says:

    A lovely capelet and thanks for sharing the instructions. I can’t believe how big your ‘little boy’ has become just since I began following you. Sure happens fast, doesn’t it? ~ Linne


  3. Christy Odom says:

    If I were to make a capelet from your pattern, may I sell it on Etsy? I am happy to reference your blog as the source. I managed to make one too small for my shoulders. I love the pattern though and hope to make another for myself that will fit. Thank you, Christy


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