We’ve been away for almost a week, first visiting my parents, and then on our annual camping expedition to Ohope Beach. The weather was kind to us – if anything it was too hot! The children had so much fun, they didn’t want to come home. I’ll let the photos do the talking…Ohope 2013 14 Ohope 2013 13 Ohope 2013 12 Ohope 2013 11

Ohope 2013 9 Ohope 2013 10Ohope 2013 8 Ohope 2013 7 Ohope 2013 6 Ohope 2013 5 Ohope 2013 4 Ohope 2013 3 Ohope 2013 2 Ohope 2013 1It was nice to be away, but it’s lovely to be home… I can’t wait to sleep tonight in my own bed! What have you been up to this week?

15 thoughts on “Camping

  1. cecile chappell says:

    What sweet children, I am happy you had a good time. Thank you for the wonderful pictures, especially the one with feet in the water. Made me really wish I were there too!


  2. Angelique says:

    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos with us. As a kid I used to spend lots of Christmases in Ohope.
    I live in Melbourne now and get lots of pleasure from seeing your little snippets of new Zealand that we all miss now.
    I especially love seeing your garden with all the different flowers as well


  3. thepogblog says:

    How funny, it’s so soggy and drab here I was just thinking I could do with some sunny pictures. Then I checked my Reader and ta-da! Thank you for sharing your sun and enjoy being in your bed 🙂


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