A little phone bag

Yesterday was my Mum’s birthday, and she requested (some time back) a small bag to carry her phone in when she goes out walking… so that, my friends, is what I have made her:Little phone bagIt’s a simple make; chain the width of your phone and add 2. Work around the starting chain for a few rows – to form the bottom, then switch to granny clusters (3 x double crochet) for the remainder of the body. Add a picot edge, a couple of flowers…Little phone bag 2A long strap, and…Crochet phone bagVoila; a bag to carry your mobile phone! What do you think? Good idea to take your phone out walking (in case of emergencies) or bad idea, better to be at one with nature, no techno distractions??Janette df

30 thoughts on “A little phone bag

    • Janette says:

      I agree, although I did read somewhere recently that you shouldn’t talk on it when you are walking alone as it makes you prone to attack (being distracted I think it was). I always carry mine too 🙂


  1. RedSetter says:

    Definitely phone with. I can’t understand these folk who carry a phone ‘for emergencies’ but keep it switched off. I have a friend who does this but cannot seem to realise that phones are two way devices and she might not be the one the ’emergency’ happens too. When one of her family fell acutely ill and it was a real emergency – where was Mum…..yeah, un-contactable!


  2. Marcie Hoye Cumberland says:

    I already made one to keep the phone from being scratched in my purse but said last wek I needed one with a strap.. Just got a geocaching app for my Droid but it’s a pain having to carry it or try to fit it in small pockets. I love yours Thanks for sharing.


  3. Gina Oliveira says:

    I am a long time admirer of your work. Thank you for sharing this simple project. I have been meaning make a phone case for so long. Tonight I am finally doing it. Thanks again! !!;)


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