Looking back, looking forward…

It’s been a quiet week between Christmas and New Year, which we needed. There has been lots of time spent cuddling in the hammocks (yes, I got out of the one below to take the photo), from early morning till the evening hours. The rush of Christmas has settled into a peaceful summer holiday rhythm without schedule or design.Maia and Carter in hammockI love this time of year, a time of reflection, and yet a time with so many possibilities… so many questions to ask ourselves…

To reflect:

What was the single best moment of the past year?

What was the most challenging?

Where did you find unexpected joy?

And to look ahead:

What will you make of the blank slate that is 2014?

What can you create?

What changes will you make?

I love to imagine a year from now, as we’re finishing 2014 — what will have changed, how will the children have grown, what will be new in our little corner of the world.

Carter in hamockNew year’s resolutions? I’m not one for making huge sweeping changes, but I do have a few… For me: to practice more yoga, relax more and keep my journal (daily log) each day for the next year – I usually lose impetus after a month or two, pick it up for another month and then lose the practice again. This year I will stick with it. For my children: to spend as much time with them as they need me to, they are growing up so quickly I can’t quite believe it… and I know this special time will be short. Creatively I will try to share more with you. There is much that we do here that I never get around to blogging about, not because I don’t want to, but because the time passes and I move on to new projects (sometimes before the last one is finished)! Sometimes a whirlwind of creativity overcomes me and before I have the time to snap even a single photo, whatever I was making is finished and already being put to use. I especially feel like I didn’t catch all the precious things the children and I created together this year. I’ve also got loads of crochet pattern ideas I want to get out… perhaps I need to add time management to my list!

I so enjoy sharing our crafty, creative and  family times with you all and I hope you enjoy them to! I feel truly blessed, so thank you to each one of you who stops by the Green Dragonfly, for those that leave a comment, thank you – I love to read what you have to say – a lovely comment really makes my day! For those that don’t… that’s ok too – I hope something you found here made you smile 🙂

Billy in a hammock

That’s about all I have to say for 2013… I need to go and ‘help’ some new chicky members of the family find their roost for the night, so I’ll leave you here and wish you the very best New Year, from our family to yours! Janette xo

39 thoughts on “Looking back, looking forward…

  1. cuteasabutton82 says:

    Happy new year! Thanks for all the lovely things you’ve shared with us this year. Hope next year is a good one for you. By the way,I love the photo of your soon in the hammock – he looks like a pea in a pod!


  2. Angela Denton says:

    Happy new year to you. I don’t leave a comment very often but please know your blog brings me a great deal of pleasure. It creates a feeling of calm in an otherwise hectic day. So many thanks. My resolution is to give more of myself to everything I do. I also aspire to keeping a diary but as you said, it never lasts. I’ll do my best to keep it up this year. Take care xxx


  3. RedSetter says:

    A lovely New Year to you, I’ve loved reading your posts and even making your brilliant crochet mousie. Have a fab time and I’ll be looking forward to reading what you are up to.
    Ps. your cat is obviously a master of the ‘all chilled out and happy’!


  4. Sheryl says:

    Happy New Year. I enjoy following your blog so much, watching your children grow and become more creative! Your patterns are beautiful! It is a joy to see your pictures of flowers and green grass while our world is covered in snow and ice!


  5. Jennifer Hill says:

    Happy New Year! My main aim for the coming weeks is to start a blog of my own (no idea how, haha, but quite exciting!) Love reading of your adventures, Jen x


  6. melissa says:

    Gosh, its hard to wrap my brain around a hot christmas. No snow? No roaring fire and popping corn for the tree? Snowmen? mits and scarfs and heavy coats? then again, it might be a nice change. maybe someday I’ll experience a “summer christmas”. love the blog!


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