Home again…

We’re back, welcomed by miles of washing and the dreaded unpacking – honestly one of my least favourite things to do – but it is lovely to be home.

Billy the cat is very happy to see us…Hot billYes, he is very hot! The garden had also survived the hot weather, although I spent a couple of hours this afternoon ‘re-hydrating’ it with my trusty hose.

But we arrived home to the sad news that Mabel, my favourite (very much loved pet) pekin bantam, had died while we were away. Gardening will never be the same without her, she always accompanied, me pecking in the soil for unsuspecting worms or sitting on my shoulder if I spent too long bent over weeding.

Garden Sept 13 8And she loved to sit under the outside table and eat whatever tit bits she could get her beak into (pizza was a definite favourite)…Mabel eating pizzaI know lots of people won’t understand an attachment to a chicken, but Mabel was a special chook with a big personality. Ill miss you, RIP darling girl. J xox

26 thoughts on “Home again…

  1. Lily says:

    I am sorry you have lost Mabel. She is really pretty. It is horrible to come home from a fun time and find out you have lost a lovely little pet. It is a strange coincidence but many of my pets have passed away when I am on holiday despite having been looked after by caring relatives. xxx


  2. vanesseva says:

    So sorry to hear about your lovely Mabel…I had a white duck named Linus and he used to do the same things that your Mabel did! They have such lovely personalities and we just have to tap into them. You will see Mabel again along with all of your other pets along the way.


  3. D'Ann Gayler says:

    The thought of your loss of Mabel is so sad. Some people don’t understand that loving a pet is important. No matter what that pet looks like. She was a lucky chicken to have had you.


  4. RedSetter says:

    Pets are part of our families too and it is entirely natural to feel sad when they die. Mabel loos like she was a character and great gardening buddy but she also obviously had a good life with you too. Hugs, RedSetter x


  5. Yvonne says:

    That’s very sad and I understand completely. I kept three chickens in my little London garden. My favourite, Jenny, followed me round the garden whilst I was working and having survived one fox attack, I lost her plus the other two to another attack. I was devastated 😦 Sorry for your loss.


  6. Susan says:

    So sorry about Mabel 😦 We used to keep chickens so completely understand how you’re feeling. Pekins maybe small but they can have big personalities. We had a gorgeous buff called Nancy who was taken by the fox 😦


  7. Jennifer Toal says:

    Just read about Mabel and am so sorry to hear she’s off to Rainbow Bridge. We just keep chickens and geese now ( had lots of other birds over the years…especially love turkeys)….know what special characters they have and understand your sadness. Lovely seeing photos of Mabel happy and well….am sure she was a very happy girl! She reminds me of Arnold, a bronze turkey we had who followed me everywhere and even sat on my knee, was devastated when he died….sounds crazy but we’re fairly normal otherwise:)


    • Janette says:

      Thank you for your lovely thoughts Jennifer, she was a very happy chicken! I totally understand, I really miss Mabel when Im in the garden, the children tire of helping very quickly but she was always there with me. Dont worry I think Im fairly normal too! Much love, Janette xx


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