A break away and some Christmas pillowcases

In the midst of the busy (or should that be silly?) season, we have decided to take a pause and make the most of the beautiful weather we are currently experiencing by spending a few days away at the beach…

At the beachCarter at the beachBeaching = happy kids!

Maia at the beachMy feet at the beachYes those are my toes. You’re welcome!

Ill post some more photos when we are home in a couple of days, but what I wanted to share today are these Christmas pillowcases I whipped up this morning – I’m embarrassed to admit they’ve been in my to-do pile for the last three weeks.

DIY DIY Christmas pillowcasesThere was really no reason to put them off; pillowcases are super quick to sew, requiring little prep and only three seams (and some over sewing so the edges don’t fray).Carters Christmas PillowcaseJust use another pillowcase for a template – there’s really nothing to them! Christmas pillowcase Maia 2 If you’re quick there’s still time to make pillowcases for some kiddos you know… in fact, I think my husband would quite like one made for him too! They are a lot of fun… and are certainly good for encouraging children, who are excited about Christmas nearly being here, to get into bed!Christmas pillowcase Maia 3I’ll leave you with a final photo taken from the top of Mt Maunganui this morning.  Paradise! Bay of Plenty from Mt MaunganuiI hope you are enjoying the lead up to Christmas, and are finding some time to relax? Love to all! Janette xox

10 thoughts on “A break away and some Christmas pillowcases

  1. Claudia says:

    Beautiful New Zealand and beautiful pillowcases for beautiful children! You’re having a blessed Christmas! PS. is that shark on your son’s shirt dressed for dinner???


  2. Lisa says:

    I love your pillow cases! I should learn how to make them too!! Your kids are so adorable! It’s fun watching them grow up in your photographs!! I’m jealous of your awesome weather!! Merry Christmas! Hugz Lisa and Bear


  3. laulipopnz says:

    Love the pillowcases! Em’s teacher was wearing a jumpsuit made out of the bird fabric on the last day of school!
    Jealous of your time at the Mt, My dad lives there but not sure if we are going to get up there for the summer this year!
    have a Merry Christmas xxx


  4. Mrs Shirley Clement says:

    I love all your photos of the children growing up but wonder what you will do when they decide that they don’t like their photo taken and won’t pose for you. Make the most of them while they are young. They remind me so much of my grandsons age 5 and 8 and their friends who all call me grandma.I suppose they have never heard my name. They only live four doors away so their friends always call at our house if they are not in at home.


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