A rose by any other name….

Rose Nov 2013 10 Rose Nov 2013 9 Rose Nov 2013 8 Rose Nov 2013 7 Rose Nov 2013 6 Rose Nov 2013 5 Rose Nov 2013 4 Rose Nov 2013 3 Rose Nov 2013 2 Rose Nov 2013Would smell as sweet. We visited the Hamilton gardens this weekend, the rose display was amazing! Have a wonderful week, friends. J – xox

19 thoughts on “A rose by any other name….

  1. artist1946 says:

    Hi I so enjoyed the pictures and love all of them. I think my best of all is the close-up of the peach one. My Husband called me Peaches for 35t years. I miss him everyday. So anything that shows peach in name or color makes me think of Riley. You have a nice day too. Alisa


  2. fibercrush says:

    So beautiful…memories of summer as I sit here almost snow-bound in -15C (5 degrees F) weather not including wind-chill. The calendar idea is a good one — memories for yourself just in case snow falls during your winter!


  3. Eva says:

    Beautiful! In is deep winter in the UK and your roses are a breath of fresh air and sunshine. I could imagine their smell and softness. Great photography! Enjoy the good weather and Happy Christmas


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