Mini Crochet Mousies

Finally a cute crochet mouse…crochet mouseI’m so happy with how these mice have turned out! The first few attempts were not quite cute enough, or quite mousy enough… but, squeak-squeak, these ones tick all the right boxes!crochet mouseBest of all, they come Maia approved.crochet mouseI can’t wait to share them with you, so I’ll be back with a crochet mouse tutorial soon. Have a lovely weekend! Janette xx

33 thoughts on “Mini Crochet Mousies

  1. Gabriela says:

    Janette you are amazing! Those mousies are so sweet. Your kids are lucky having a loving mother like you. Always thinking on them and making for them such amazing toys or garments. Have a nice weekend. Love peace and crochet Gabriela


  2. Fabienne HAGELSTEIN says:

    C’est trop mignon. J’attends avec impatience ton tutoriel. Ces mini souris tiendront compagnie à mes Aminekos.


  3. Little Miss Ling says:

    I’m not a big mouse fan, but these are so cute! I think I just really love the effect of the first photo! They look so realistic (in an extremely cute way) and mischievous, climbing all over the books! That’s how I imagine mice act when we’re asleep… well… I’m hoping there are NO mice around when I’m asleep… but I think you know what I mean… right? =s


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