Rainbow band bracelets

I had seen these rubber band creations on the internet quite a bit recently, and just last week found some for sale at our local video store (I know, random). When I questioned the guy behind the counter about how you turn the little rubber bands into bracelets he informed me everything I needed was in the bag.

Except it wasn’t. In the bag were little rubber bands, and some catches to hold the completed bracelets together. That’s all. No tools. No instructions. No loom. Nada.

Anyhoo, Not to let that small problem get in the way, we used a little kiwi ingenuity and created a simple tool to make these very cool bracelets:

maia and rainbow bands

Maia has been happily creating these bracelets for everyone she knows… they are crafty, creative, and simple enough for a six year old to manage! Love โ™ฅdiy loom If you’ve seen these tiny bright colored bands around and want to give these bracelets a try, without spending loads of cash, here’s what you do:

Put two drawing pins into an eraser or other small object (like a block of wood maybe?). Twist the first band:Rainbow band chevron braceletThen add two more bands on top (only the first band is twisted, none of the others need to be):Rainbow band DIY Pull the bottom band over the top two (on both sides, one side first, then the other), add another band and repeat…Its easier to pull the bottom band over the top two if you use tweezers.Maia making rainbow bandsKeep going (add a band to the top, pull each side of the bottom band over the top two) until the bracelet is the right length, then pull the last bands over each other one at a time:Rainbow band DIY Our bands come with these nifty little joiners which act as a catch. So there was something useful in the bag ๐Ÿ™‚ Fit the catch into the open ends, and you’re all done. If you don’t have a catch, you could just tie two bands together. Easy huh! Rainbow band chevron braceletHope you are having a happy weekend, it’s been very warm here – almost like summer. We’ve had a nice quiet weekend at home, I’ve spent a lot of time in the garden, which is starting to look lovely now Im getting on top of the weeds. What have you been up to? Have you (or your children) been making these bracelets? xo J

48 thoughts on “Rainbow band bracelets

  1. Annette says:

    I went too a craft fair 2 weeks ago, there they told me about this..
    It was very hot in America, and I could not buy it here, because there wasn’t enough in America..
    So I have to wait…
    But I love to see the bracelets from your DD.. so sweet


  2. Jean in NH says:

    These things are very HOT here in New Hampshire. I work in an elementary school and they are everywhere! My 11 year old daughter has found a lot of instructions on YouTube and has made many different varieties. I keep finding the little colored elastics on the floor….in the car…..on the deck…on the counters….etc, Last week I thought the dog was chewing gum but no, he found an elastic too!

    Your daughter looks so proud of herself – she does a very good job! :o)


    • Janette says:

      Ill have to remember to keep them away from the cat then! Yep we’ve got them everywhere too… Im trying to keep them contained but I suspect they may have little legs!!! Ill have to tell Maia to check out you tube ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. peggy hudson says:

    A youngster was selling these at the craft show yesterday. He was so excited that he sold out. I am so glad you posted this, it is much better for our kids (and us) than video games.


  4. laulipopnz says:

    Wow my eldest daughter would love these …. do these tiny rubber band things have a name? I am going for a hunt for them RIGHT NOW …. actually more like next time I go down to the mall!


  5. Mrs.C says:

    Those rubber band bracelets are the HOT item with all the elementary school kids here in New Jersey! The kids have multiples of them on both wrists! There are tutorials for making them on YouTube if your interested. I teach and have been gifted several from my students! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Janette says:

      Maia made one the other day for a student teacher who has been working in her class all term, the teacher was very happy to receive it ๐Ÿ™‚ and Maia was proud to have made it (makes my heart swell)!


  6. Sabina says:

    My granddaughter who is 7, figured out she can make these bracelets without the loom. She makes them only with her fingers! But then she could thread a needle at 2 1/2.


  7. gentlestitches says:

    pure genius. brains AND beauty! I too have been gardening, or perhaps “reclaiming land” might be a more appropriate description!!


  8. katythenightowlKaty says:

    Well done to your daughter for making the bracelets that way ๐Ÿ™‚
    If she’d like a little variety, add another pin, to make a triangle shape, then place the bands on 2 pins, then on to the next 2, using 1 of the first pins, then 2 pins, using one of the last 2 again, so that the bands are connecting all three pins – it makes a hollow, rounded – instead of flat – bracelet, that can even be used to decorate your daughter’s school pencils and pens ๐Ÿ™‚
    A small crochet hook could be used instead of tweezers, too, as that’s basically what comes with the loom ๐Ÿ™‚


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