Decorating with crochet

When I saw how Maia’s class were painting their book bags, I was inspired to have a go and make a multimedia work of art myself! Here’s how I made and decorated my book bag… or as I like to refer to it:make art with crochet 2

Cut out the fabric; the book bags we made were approximately 84 cm x 36cm. Over sew all edges and fold in half – the fold is the bottom of your bag. Draw your design, in my case this was a tree (but you are only limited by your imagination) in the center of the front half:Crochet decorated bagUsing fabric paint, fill in the tree truck and branches (once dry, iron the paint to set it).crochet decorated bag 8 Crochet up your favourite flowers, leaves and other decorations. I used this lovely flower pattern, I kind of winged the leaves, but here’s a good basic pattern, and here’s another. I also crocheted a wee birdie and some circles. Sew everything in place, and add buttons and other embellishments for interest:Flower bagMake a lining, very slightly smaller than the size as your bag. Sew side seams together and fold over the top 2cm:Crochet decorated bagInsert lining inside bag (wrong side to wrong side):Crochet decorated bag Cut webbing handles to desired length, and insert between your layers. Pin in place, so when you sew the top seam everything comes out even 🙂Crochet decorated bagFill with treasures and enjoy…Crochet decorated bagcrochet decorated bag 9…Or make one for a gift, and pay it forward! Crochet decorated bagHave a lovely week, everyone! ♥ Janette xocrochet  bag

62 thoughts on “Decorating with crochet

  1. Tajana says:

    The crocheted flowers are so sweet and the bag is perfectly sewn. I admire your sewing skill…A sewing machine has been promised to me as Christmas gift…I hope that I’ll be able to use it since I have never sewn in my life….


  2. Nina says:

    this teacher of your daughter will be so pleased! I bet she will blush & don’t want to take it at all..& later on she’ll carry it with pride! well done you x


  3. Yvonne says:

    I LOVE this!! And the childrens’ bags were just gorgeous! It is half term next week for us in England and with it being the first school holiday that I’m not working (plus inevitable wet Autumnal weather) I’m going to get my two girls making one each! Thank you so much for your tutorial x


  4. Suzanne says:

    What a wonderful gift, especially for teachers. I cannot wait to make several. Thank you. I’m a novice at crochet….. any tips on how to crochet the little bird?


  5. Elisa Elliot says:

    Thank yo! Love the project and the crochet. Thank you for the tutorial (you make it all so clear and the photos are great) and links to so many other flower patterns.


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