Ruffled scarf and the giveaway results

crochet ruffle scarfI made this scarf for a friend who has a birthday this month. I realize its a little late in the season, but I think she will really love the color and style.

The yarn is Catalina Mesh – it’s 84% acrylic, 4% wool and 8% Alpaca and is incredibly soft and squishy to be wrapped in. The scarf is made with a 5mm hook and 3 double crochets per row. I tried it originally with 6 dc per row but it came out too tight (and short), this still has plenty of ruffle (as you can see) – it took about 1 1/2 balls to make it this long.

crochet Ruffle scarf There were loads of these mesh type yarns in the store this winter, but I thought they looked a bit tricky and the bands only included knitting patterns – no crochet instructions. I admit to being tempted only really because they are all $3-4 per ball right now and a quick search on the internet taught me all I needed to know (seriously, what did we do without Google??). You can find a great how to video here which can be adapted to any type of mesh yarn.

If you like the look of these types of scarf, I’d encourage you to give it a go. They work up really quickly and, once you get the technique down, are a breeze to make (a good how-to video makes a huge difference).

Maia wearing scarfO.k, so enough about that, and on with the giveaway results! Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway, I was blown away by the huge number of responses and the thoughtful replies. Drum roll please…

Spring giveaway winner PostcardCongratulations Patty, Ill be in touch! Janette xox

31 thoughts on “Ruffled scarf and the giveaway results

  1. Marriz says:

    Thanks for this!! I also got this kind of yarn last Saturday only because they’re on clearance and don’t know what to do with all 6skeins!! Thanks agaian


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