Mini granny case

20130917-212431.jpgI know this has been a while coming, so finally here is my tutorial for the crocheted mini granny ipad case. These little granny squares are just perfect for smaller projects like bags and cases…. pencil, ipod, jewellery, money… you get the idea.20130917-212312.jpgThe granny squares are only two rounds, and I like to join them as I go. This means you only crochet the center and then join the next round to your last square (or squares).

To make my case I used a variety of left over wool all 8-10ply and a 4mm hook, but you could use any weight yarn and an appropriately sized hook – heavier yarn, bigger hook, lighter yarn, smaller hook.

Here’s a little tut: crochet ipad case tutorialStart by making a small two round Ganny square, like so…

Mini granny square- join as you goMini granny square- join as you go 2granny square- join as you gogranny square 8- join as you goOnce you’ve completed one, begin your next square: granny square- join as you gogranny square- join as you gogranny square- join as you goCrochet mini granny square 4- join as you gogranny square- join as you goMini granny square 6- join as you goKeep working in the same way until you have made enough squares for your case. Mine is 4 squares wide x 10 Squares long ( 4 x 5 each side):Mini granny sqaures crochetIt’s a good idea to leave a long end on the squares where you want to join the front to back. Join with wrong sides together – I just did this using a darning needle and only attaching at the spaces (as you have joined with crochet)… and only the three sides you are joining- don’t forget to leave an opening πŸ™‚Mini granny sqaures crochet 2Once sewn up (sorry no photo) I made a lining for my case – and sewed a zip to the lining. Obviously a zip is optional, you don’t even have to line it; up to you really πŸ™‚ Buttons would work too…

Crochet ipad caseCarefully sew the lining to the crochet- using small stitches and only catching the back of the wool so it doesn’t show through to the front of your work. Sewing in the zipAnd there you have it. A work of art!Β  I love it, still! 20130917-212346.jpg And so does my ipad. But I must confess, I’ve also taken it out without my ipad, because it makes a cute clutch! 20130917-212234.jpgI hope this helps, do let me know if you have any questions – J xoxo

PS. Ill be back tomorrow with the draw winners… see you soon!

67 thoughts on “Mini granny case

  1. jen says:

    Hi, its lovely. I am going to try this, I hate joining squares afterwards, but have always been scared of joining as you go. It will be a good small project to learn. Many thanks, xx


  2. livingsimplyfree says:

    That is beautiful and you taught me a new trick for starting a granny square, I have never used the magic circle before but will be trying it next time I work in the round as that is much easier than the way I was taught.


  3. Little Miss Ling says:

    Ah I wish I had found your blog earlier when I first started learning to crochet! You have such great little projects! I started on a granny square throw and it’s taking me ages to do because I crochet so slowly and I’m getting fed up with it!


  4. Irene says:

    Thank you for sharing – this is the PERFERCT Christmas gift for my sister-in-law!! I can use all of her favorite colors and create something that she actually will use – she’s never without her ipad πŸ™‚ With your clear photos and easy to understand instructions I am hoping to create a cover that at least comes close to being as lovely as yours! Thanks again for sharing and inspiring all of us πŸ™‚


  5. C.S. Weaver says:

    Super cute! Love the colors and coordination of them. Falls into so many categories – stashbuster, quick project, simple crochet, granny squares and the oh, so popular device case! How nice of you to share the pattern. TY and God Bless.


  6. Dihart says:

    Hi- I’m new to crocheting after years of knitting and love your tutorials – I’m defo going to try this but am unsure how I join more squares I can make long strips ( like a scarf) but then struggle to join to widen it ! Can u help ?


  7. mrs vee crochets says:

    I am crocheting a yardstick cover using this pattern. I usually do not join as you go but tried it this time and will continue using it. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I enjoy your patterns too. Thanks!


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