Melted crayon art

What to do with all those old crayons?  Make melted crayon works of art!

Melted crayons 1Its a simple process… take your old crayons and sort into colors then ‘grate’ using a pencil sharpener.  Arrange on a piece of paper, then place a clean piece of baking paper (shiny side down) on top. Using your iron, carefully heat the crayons until they melt.

Melted crayon art Gentle strokes keep the shavings in place, a heavy hand results in a more ‘abstract’ artwork.

melted crayon artWait for the artwork to cool then peel off the wax paper… cut out the shapes. We hung ours on the window.melted crayon art 3By putting lots of shavings in a small area, and using two pieces of wax paper, we were able to peel the whole design off the sheet. It was very fragile though.melted crayon art 4Fun rating: 10/10. Mess rating 20/10!  Be prepared for crayon shavings and melted wax EVERYWHERE!  melted crayon art 5Have fun! J xo

11 thoughts on “Melted crayon art

  1. gentlestitches says:

    You are a good Mum to take on a 20/10 rating for mess and you will never regret it. They look great and the childrens faces are engaged and beautiful. 🙂


  2. Beth says:

    What a fab idea. I used to use old crayons to decorate plain white candles (with small kids- or even middle ones- heavy supervision may be needed) by lighting the candle and securing it to a plate with its own melted wax, then melting the wax crayons over the flame so that the colours dribbled down the side. Long thin candles work best for this and the results look fab!! Beth xx


  3. Shakti Ghosal says:

    That is absolutely lovely and immensely creative.

    Methinks we could transfer this concept on a canvas and you never know what might emerge. You may well be skipping along to the bank exclaiming, ” Hey presto! I have created the next big modern art movement!”



  4. Judith Kayser says:

    Be sure and do this in a well ventilated area, Crayons are non toxic if swallowed, but the fumes from melting them are toxic………Judith


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