Signs of spring…

Ducks on the lakeDuck on the lakeHeliabore 1 Heliabore 2 River path Toes in the water Magnolia 1 Magnolia 2Holding handsDaffodils 1Daffodils 2Maia in the DaffodilsIt’s still very cool and grey, but there are plenty of beautiful signs that spring is just around the corner…x

32 thoughts on “Signs of spring…

  1. handmademummy says:

    Do I spy Hamilton Gardens there? You must be close by then, I live in Cambridge but lived in Hamilton for six years and love visiting the gardens. Must head there soon and check out those Daffodils 🙂 Beautiful photos.


  2. Jennifer Hill says:

    Lovely photos! I especially love the second one of the hellebores – a beautiful shot! Yes, autumn here in England in a few weeks, but I love autumn too! Your daughter is the spitting image of you at a similar age, judging by the pic in your previous post, just darker hair! : )


  3. katythenightowl says:

    Beautiful photography, and a lovely photographic assistant, too 🙂
    It’s coming on for Autumn, here in the UK, so I’ve quite a wait to see those first signs of spring – but I do love autumn, too, as the leaves change colour, and we get misty mornings smelling of wood smoke, and leaves starting to rot down into loam 🙂


  4. mylittlefarmintown says:

    Nice to know that it is spring somewhere! Those daffodils were like a cool drink of water. I had just finished checking the weather forecasts in my area of the US for the next week and am bracing for 90-94F weather. (I shouldn’t complain. It will be good tomato ripening weather!)


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