Sunday in photos

Sorry for the silence, there’s been a lot going on here which has kept me away from home and the computer. I thought Id share today with you… from morning till night. A quiet Sunday, the last day of the school holidays before the new term.

:A cup of green tea and a new yellow begonia:

Yellow Begonia and green tea:after breakfast, a family bike ride:Family bike ride:essential supplies:What we took to the park:some of us chose to read, and eat our morning tea:Maia reading at the park:in the beautiful sunshine:Maia July 2013 Small:some of us built dinosaur houses:Carter and his dinosaur house:some of us took photos:A tree:the boys went to a birthday party, and the girls spent some quality time baking something special to have for dessert:Maia baking:lemon meringue pie is one of my favorite desserts, and a good use of plenty of lemons:Lemon meringue pie recipe:here’s something of a family tradition. When my Nana had any pastry left over, when she was baking a pie crust, she always made little jam tarts. Waste not, want not! My Mum did it, and now I do it. Just push small pieces of dough into mini cupcake pans, add a dollop of jam, and a small piece of pastry on top:

Leftover pastry jam tarts:there really is not much better than a sweet raspberry tart straight from the oven!:Maia eating:a wander around the garden, my first daffodil is almost out: First daffodil:and the first small bloom of Daphne:First daphne :we are blessed with winter bounty right outside the door. Some cabbage:Cabbage :and cavelo nero, together with broccoli and plenty of herbs are keeping us going through winter:Β Β  cavelo nero 6:not to mention, plentiful citrus:Plentiful citrus

:a spot of reading:Reading:beautiful early cheer, brought by a friend to brighten my day:Early cheer 2:make your own pizza for dinner:Making pizzas:so delicious straight from the oven:Pizza straight from the oven:in goes dessert:Pizza and lemon meringue pie: out comes dessert:Lemon meringue pie:better be quick, its going, going… gone!:LMP going going gone:turns out mabel our favorite chicken, loves pizza as much as we do:Mabel eating pizza:the day is done:Goodbye chickens:and now, I’m going to watch a little tv in front of the fire and then early to bed:Fire:How was your weekend? xx :

44 thoughts on “Sunday in photos

  1. Jennifer Hill says:

    I loved reading about your Sunday! I always think its so strange that at the same time there are people doing all these things and more while here we sleep and while snow here, blazing sun elsewhwere and vice versa. Its really hot here at the mo (hoo-flipping-ray, about time), though I did chuckle at your lovely citrus – we can’t grow them at all, even in summer. Not to fruit like that, anyway. Well, week 1 of the school hols down, 5 more to go and I’ve finished breakfast and off to work on the patio I’m building. Good luck with the new school term! Jen


    • Janette says:

      I too love reading about other peoples lives and experiences! Hope your holidays continue in bright sunshine, I wish we had a few more weeks to enjoy without work and school… Enjoy xx


  2. ecozee says:

    I love the chicken photo – my mum made the best lemon merangue pie and she always made jam turnovers with her left over pastry – just a little square of pastry with jam and folded over – sometimes she made mince pies when it wasn’t even christmas – I make jam tarts with my left overs and love home made lemon curd best. Lovely photos.


  3. kiwixstitcher says:

    Hi Janette, I loved your wonderful photos πŸ™‚ My mum used to do the same with leftover pastry -yum!
    You asked about my crochet hooks – I was able to order them through my local sewing shop,$17 each, Clover brand. I’ve only bought 3 sizes at the moment but I’d love to collect the rest sometime πŸ™‚ I’m working on a crochet hat at the moment with the new hook and its great to use.
    Have a good week πŸ™‚


  4. handmademummy says:

    What a wonderful looking sunday and beautifully captured in your photos. I especially like the chicken enjoying her pizza! Yeah for sunny days that we can all get outside and enjoy.


  5. livingsimplyfree says:

    Now that’s what all days should be like. Your pictures captured perfectly what a day with family is meant to be. My weekend was very different, it rained here each day. I decided to mostly curl up with books and listen to the rain, but one afternoon rather than sit inside any longer I joined neighbors for a picnic in the light drizzle. Sounds crazy I know but it felt good to be outside even if a little water fell on us.


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