Reversible poncho with a crochet edge

Poncho free patternI made this reversible poncho for Maia, using soft cosy polar fleece for the inside and a cotton outer, then crocheted a picot fan edging to finish it off. She loves it (no doubt due to choosing the fabrics herself) and has worn it a lot in the last couple of weeks! Everywhere from bike riding…

Maia riding bike in ponchoTo the zoo…Maia and the giraffesAnd of course to school! Maia in rose hat smallThe poncho itself is very easy to sew, it’s just a square cut on the fold.  I used 115cm wide fabric and folded it in two, then measured a 57cm square.  No photos I’m afraid, because I didn’t take any, but when I was trying to explain how I made it I found it very difficult without pictures… so I drew you some. You’re welcome!

Poncho pattern 1Then cut the shoulder seam (that was on the fold), and cut in a ‘v’ neckPoncho pattern 2

With right sides together sew each of the shoulder seams on both pieces of fabric.Poncho pattern 3 Then with right sides together put the inner and outer one inside the other –  and sew all around the outside edge seam.Poncho pattern 4Turn it right side out and fold under, pin and then sew the neck edge.  Poncho pattern 5Because all of the seams are inside the garment you have no edges to over sew and its reversible! Win!

To make the crochet edge, I used a 3 ply cotton. First blanket stitch around the outside edge:Poncho- blanket stitchThen using a 3.5mm hook, do a row of single crochet: Poncho- single crochetThen the picot edge which went like this: *6dc into the next stitch, skip 1 stitch, sc into the next, skip 1 stitch*… repeat between * and * all the way around the edge. Poncho picot egdeThen using a contrast color (yes I know… PINK AND RED!) add a row of single crochet over the entire fan, and a ss into the sc between the fans…Poncho crochet edgeWeave in all ends and enjoy!Maia at the zoo

31 thoughts on “Reversible poncho with a crochet edge

  1. kate0795 says:

    Such a simple design yet maximum prettiness!! Possibilities with colour/fabric combinations are endless and the two colour picot edging is divine….wish my 15 yr old daughter would still wear something like this! Kate x


  2. Jennifer Hill says:

    I’ve been so enjoying your blog since I found it 2 or 3 months ago! Thank you, its a great read, with fabulous projects! And THAT’s what i could do with some pretty fleece!! Duh! I’ve seen some gorgeous Heather Bailey fleece but wondered what, other than a hoody or cushions, I could do with it. Excellent! Mind you I’d have to get it from the States… bit pricey to the UK. Hmmm, thinks…And I love the crochet edging. Thanks, as always, though I haven’t commented before. Jen


    • Janette says:

      Hi Jen, thanks for your lovely message… nice comments really make my day! 🙂 great minds must think alike because I’m thinking I could make a cushion cover with the fleece I’ve got left over from this project too. Maybe you could make both!? Xx


  3. Mrs Shirley Clement age 62 says:

    Reminds me of when myself and a friend knit one each in the 60,s. Wesat for hours every night after school knitting away. Mine was black and turqouise and hers black and blue with half the front blue and the other side black and alternate on the back. They had a polo collar and were lovely and warm, even on the coldest nights. Being shy when we had finished them we didn’t dare go out in them as we felt “stupid”, not really being hippies.Think I sent it to a charity shop in the end.


  4. gentlestitches says:

    Lovely. I used your pattern to finish off a smart phone cover. I will let you know when i post it and do a back link. It is a very clever and pretty idea! 🙂


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