This weekend…

Pinecone close up Poncho 2Polyanthus2Maia's poncho and bike hamilton lake parkphotohamilton lake ducksphoto Mandarin treeMandarinsPolyanthus potsIt was a bit of a quiet weekend here, so I thought Id share some random photos. I finished off a poncho for Maia – sewn with a crochet trim – which Ill write up a bit more about and post in a day or two. We went to the park on Saturday and fed the ducks…and the children had an ice cream, as you do mid-winter. This afternoon I picked a huge basket of mandarins from our tree and made lovely fresh mandarin jelly for dessert, this was the first time I have made a real fruit jelly and it was a hit with the whole family.  That distinctively tart yet sweet mandarin taste is my favorite right now… ours are of the old school fixed skin variety and have a gazillion pips.  If you have any suggestions (recipes?) let me know, we’ve hardly made a dent in them. There is not much color in my garden, but these gorgeous polyanthus which are in pots by the front door are making a lovely show.

How was your weekend?

15 thoughts on “This weekend…

  1. kate0795 says:

    Imagine having your own mandarin tree!! Maia’s poncho looks so sweet I’ll look forward to seeing your post about that. Off to the beach with friends now which I’m torn about as Andy Murray is just starting the Men’s Wimbledon finals now!!! Hoping it might be a long game so we get back in time to see the finish (though that won’t be so ideal for them!) Kate x


  2. epsiej says:

    wow what a wonderful weather midwinter! Here it is mid-summer and I guess there isn’t much of a different in weather 😉


  3. KatyB says:

    I do love the poncho trim – it really finishes off the poncho beautifully, doesn’t it? 🙂

    I envy you the mandarins, as they’re one of my favourite fruits, especially made into a jelly! 🙂


    • Janette says:

      No I don’t have one of those, they sound good tho, I’ll be interested to hear how you find it. I just do a blanket stitch on the edge and then crochet onto that… Jx


  4. Mrs Shirley Clement says:

    I love your blog and try out your patterns. Also, you are like me taking pictures in the garden, though not quite like me as I am 62 and retired.


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