The easiest crochet slippers

These are the easiest version of a crochet slipper… they make up very quickly and use very little yarn. Its best to make them with the wearer present (at least for the first one), that way you can make a custom fitted slipper which is perfect!Crochet slippersEasy Crochet Slippers:

1. Chain 4 an join with a slip stitch to make a circle. Chain 1 and sc 7 (8sc total)  times into the circle – do not join, you will work in continuous rounds.

2. 2Sc into each stitch around (16sc).

3. 2sc in the first stitch, 1sc in the next, repeat around (24sc). How many more increases you need to make depends on the size of the foot and the weight of the yarn. Carter’s slippers were made in DK and a 3.5mm hook, which fit his 4 year old feet perfectly. Maia’s were made with a worsted weight and a 4mm hook and this same size fit her 6 year old feet perfectly. Remember you want them to be quite snug because they are going to stretch with wear.  If you are making more increases, they would go like this: Round 4: 2sc in the first stitch, 1 sc in the next 2 stitches, repeat around. Round 5: 2sc in the first stitch, 1 sc in the next 3 stitches, repeat around. Round 6: 2sc in the first stitch, 1 sc in the next 4 stitches, repeat around.. etc etc.

4. From here on just work 1 sc in each stitch around.  Keep working in rounds until the slipper is long enough to reach us far as you like up the foot. I’ve noticed that it’s quite ‘trendy’ to make a slipper which stops about mid arch, or even lower.  But beware, these will slip off at every opportunity!  Don’t be seduced by the low fitting slipper, friends… especially if you are making slippers for a child. Anyhoo, when you are satisfied with the length of the slipper, do not fasten off. You will now be working backwards and forwards in rows to create the remainder of the slipper: Crochet slippers free pattern

5. Work the first 13 stitches, then turn (leaving 7 stitches un-worked – this will be the top of your slipper) ch 1 and work back across the stitches you just made.  Keep working back and forth until the slipper is long enough, when stretched, to reach the heel. Sew the ends together to form the back/heel of the slipper.

6. Work the upper (above you can see this is slightly darker blue). Work around the top of the slipper heel and along the un-worked stitches of the last row of the toe, making an sc in each stitch around the top of the slipper for 2-3 rows. Fasten off.

7. I like to make a chain tie to secure the slippers on (you can just make out the bow at the back). Chain long enough to reach all around the slipper, then starting at the back weave in a out of the upper all around and leave both long end to tie once the slipper in on.

8. Make another one the same. Weave in all ends…. wear and enjoy!

If you are running low in yarn just make them in stripes…Crochet slippersOf course once Carter had a pair, I had to make Maia some! Instead of making the tie to weave around the top of the slipper, Maia likes hers ballet style, linked in the back and wrapped around the ankle. Otherwise they are the very same, the pattern for the roses can be found here. crochet slippers free patternI hope that’s enough info to make some. They are very easy – really!  If you’ve got any questions leave me a comment and Ill try to help out 🙂Easy crochet slippers free patternHave a lovely day. Janette xx

76 thoughts on “The easiest crochet slippers

    • Mima says:

      I love these so much that I wear them anytime I am home. The only problem is that they
      Only last a couple of months & then I get a hole in the toe area. Any ideas on how to strengthen that area? I have made soles with a nylon thread but it does not fit well with these slippers made in the round.HELP!!


      • Janette says:

        Hi, I don’t really have a solution, except to add soles and perhaps to make them a little longer than they are? Maybe the hole is because they are too tight? Also since Ive been making socks I realize how well wool and nylon mix washes and wears, maybe look out for a 8ply (or use two 4 ply strands together) to make the slippers? Worth a shot! Good luck 🙂


  1. kate0795 says:

    These are gorgeous! particularly the ballet version with the rose…..I think I’ve just found my friend’s 40th birthday present…she’d live these! Is this written in UK terms? I’m sure it is but I just thought I’d check, Kate x


  2. silverblackbird says:

    I made some slippers for myself last winter using the same idea of rounds then rows – they were great! Sadly I tore a hole in the bottom about a week later and haven’t yet got round to mending them 🙂 Love the ballerina variation!


  3. gentlestitches says:

    They are lovely and I think I will have a go too! I fancy a black pair (I always wanted a pair of ballet slippers!). 🙂


  4. thepogblog says:

    You star! I was hoping that you might put the pattern on here before I went on holiday and you have! Now I have a week to make sure I have enough wool to make a pair and then I will be crocheting slippers under the Greek sun – thank you :o)


  5. ShanahM says:

    These are so stinking cute! I’ve been wanting to pick up my hook but couldn’t stand to make another dishcloth; I’m still a beginner. Thanks for the inspiration as I’ll be starting these today. 🙂


  6. lucindalines says:

    These look super easy. I found a pair of knitted high top slippers that I need to do up and post, but these look like they would be quite fast. I have to share this with my daughter the crochet queen.


  7. Shannon says:

    Thanks so much for this clear tutorial! I just started crocheting about a month ago, and this was my first project after a few test swatches. They turned out fabulous! I used a thick roving yarn and they worked up in a couple hours. I didn’t have enough yarn to make much of a cuff at the top, but next time I will buy more and build up a kind of folded-over “bootie” style cuff.


  8. angelmummy90 says:

    Can I just clarify, in step 5 you put work 13 leaving 7 stitches unworked, I have 17 and have followed the pattern up to this point so far. Is it a typo or have I made a mistake somewhere :/ xx


    • Kate says:

      I made mine a little larger for my son, and worked about two thirds, leaving a third (I had 32 stitches, so worked 20 and left 12) it’s quite a forgiving pattern 🙂


    • Janette says:

      Hi Sandra it sounds like you’ve continued to increase. Go back to step 3, you only increase until you have enough to cover your toes (barely) then it reverts to one sc in each stitch for the remaining rounds. Good luck!



  9. Judy K Gutman says:

    My left index finger is in a splint due to scissor’s stabbing.
    May I do this w/hdc to go quickly?
    But thanx for easy pattern. My slipper loan is impossible, plus stash has variegated yarns. Plus, you’re good at pattern writing, a very special gift!😎💜


    • janettewise says:

      Yes I see no reason why not, but be careful they will be looser fabric – more holes, which may not be good. Best of luck, hope your finger mends soon!


  10. Mitzi says:

    These directions were hard to follow. I thought I was crocheting the slippers correctly only to figure out when I was almost done I did it wrong and had to redo the whole slipper. The wording needs to be better.!


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