Crochet hot water bottle cover take 2

Monday morning has rolled around again.  Sure comes quickly doesn’t it!!!

I made another crochet hot water bottle cover. Well, when you have one of your own and your child is looking longingly at it, what are you to do? Crochet hot water bottle I’m such a sucker for that smile!Crochet hot water bottle I embroidered (yes, I use that word very loosely) the flowers on afterwards:Crochet hot water bottle Now Ive got to get cracking on one for child number two!

I felt bad for making you think our weather was always as beautiful as it was in my post last week, so just to balance out your perceptions, here are some photos I took this morning on the way to work. A hottie was just what was needed today… it was a cold, frosty AND foggy, and when the sun did make her way out, it didn’t warm up very much at all…Foggy morning 1The animals didn’t seem to mind…Foggy morning 2Since I was running late anyway, I took a little detour and snapped these photos looking across the Victoria Bridge: Foggy morning 3And looking north at the Waikato river:Foggy morning 4Fortunately tonight we have the fire blazing and our house is toasty warm.  I’ve got my hottie in bed warming it up for when I drag myself away from the living room though 🙂

How’s your Monday going? xx

35 thoughts on “Crochet hot water bottle cover take 2

  1. barbina says:

    I want to make a hot water bottle cover for weeks now! Just didn´t find the time for it! I love your little embellished flowers, they are too cute. Maybe I will copy that!
    Your photographs are great, it must be quite cold at your place now.
    Keep warm and have a wonderful week!!! xxBarbina


    • Janette says:

      I like it in photos too, and don’t mind it if its only around for a little while but some days the fog doesn’t lift all day and that’s not my favourite!!


  2. Meredith says:

    For some reason your blog really doesn’t like me – it won’t log me in automatically or let me log in via wordpress at all! Weird… Anyway, the hot water bottle is lovely and I’m definitely going to make one – judging by our weather from the last week, it won’t matter that it’s ‘summer’! I love the fog photos – in fact, I love fog as well. There’s something about a foggy day that I find quite magical…


    • Janette says:

      Weird, I’m not sure why. I wonder if any one else has the same problem? It is magical, actually walking in it is quite fun, especially if the sun is beginning to show through!!


  3. mollieandclaire says:

    I love your hot water bottle cover! Do you work from a pattern?
    The fog pictures are beautiful. It’s odd because here it’s summer, well…. officially it’s summer anyway, and using hot water bottles is months away!


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