Easy crochet cowl…

Here’s a super easy light weight crochet cowl, great for either autumn or spring: Crochet scarfYou can find the free crochet pattern over at Maybe Matilda. I made mine with an 8mm hook and a yarn (if you can call it that… its like a long strip of t-shirt) called Gypsy by Moda Vera, then embellished with three vintage buttons… it took all of 20 minutes from start to finish. This would be a perfect beginner crochet project.Crochet scarf 3Simple yet stylish… I love how it turned out! Have a happy Monday xx

25 thoughts on “Easy crochet cowl…

  1. creative pixie says:

    I’ve ordered a grey ‘yarn’ like this called Hoooked Zpagetti and I can’t wait to try it out. Your cowl looks classy especially with the buttons.


  2. Karen says:

    Nice. I really like the sound of a twenty minute project, there never seems to be enough time! I especially like the buttons, selecting three which are different but co-ordinate is a really nice touch.


  3. Rachael says:

    Ha ha, I nearly didn’t click on this as I thought the title said owl, not cowl! Silly me. I think I might need a few more such things as I seem to allergic to metal jewellery. A nice cowl might just set my outfits off.


  4. kate0795 says:

    Definitely think I’m going to give this a go as I’ve seen this ‘yarn’ in my local fabric/haberdashery shop and wondered what you could do with it! These cowls are very pretty and simple to make. Thank you for that pattern….just got to fit it in with all the other things on my project pile!!


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