5 Easy Easter crafts for Good Friday

Good Friday is the perfect family day to spend time together crafting…. here are some simple crafts you can do with your family, just in time for Easter:

1. Decorated hard boiled eggs look awesome, and are great for small children as they are less likely to break when they are decorating them.

Decorated Eggs Easter crafts Boil the eggs for about 10 minutes and allow to cool, then decorate using crayons:

Easter craftsWhen you are done carefully lower the egg into a glass of water and food coloring…

Easter craftsAfter about 30 minutes the dye will have soaked into the egg (I wouldn’t recommend eating these) but they look great, and are heaps of fun to make!

Decorated Eggs Easter crafts2. Make Easter bunny masks using cardboard, pipe cleaners and paper plates:

Easter crafts3. We used this excellent coloring page over at Made by Joel to make our Easter Bunny letters:

Easter crafts4. Easter bunny finger puppets…make some of these cute bunnies, you can find the free pattern here. Felt bunny finger puppets5. Make a carrot cake. Enjoy some yourself (you deserve it) and save some for to leave out for the hungry Easter bunny…. he sure LOVES carrot cake!!!

 Easter craftsI hope you have a wonderful Easter! Janette xxx

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13 thoughts on “5 Easy Easter crafts for Good Friday

  1. rainbowjunkiecorner says:

    I had given up on the idea of decorating real eggs because the eggs are all brown these days but I notice you have been decorating brown eggs too. – Maybe next year 🙂
    Great ideas, shame I am on my own these days.


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