Despite now being officially autumn it really doesn’t feel like it. We’ve still been spending lots of time outdoors and even picnicking our dinner in the park…Picnic in humare parkEarlier this week we were graced with some rain – the first in over a month. It’s remarkable how just a little rain has perked up (maybe I should say greened up) my garden already. I thought you might be interested in what’s growing right now… it’s a little difficult to tell in my vege jungle exactly what’s weeds and what’s food:

Garden March 2013 3Due to inconsistent watering (we can still hand water here every second day) almost everything in the vege garden has gone to seed… and blight/powdery mildew has set in all over the show.Garden March 2013 2But the sun lovers like marigolds, zinnia and this beautiful calendula have thrived in the dry. Like little rays of sunshine…calendula 2On the crafty front, I’ve been working on a new wrap. This time it’s my own design (yes, there will be a tutorial and pattern soon), in a lovely yellow. It is a simple design, but rather effective and I am extraordinarily happy with it.

crochet shawl wrapI think it’s going to be called my sunshine shawl…crochet shawl wrapHope your week is sunshiny! ♥ Janette xxx

14 thoughts on “Sunshine…

  1. Susan Royse Markley says:

    I love yellow….and the calendula, herbs & veggies are beautiful to look at, especially here in the US where the snow is flying even though the calendar says Spring has arrived. Can’t wait to see more of the shawl. I just made one of your little bunnies and it came out adorable!


  2. Jenny says:

    Lovely photos, it is spring in the uk it’s cold and we are expecting snow tomorrow. We could do with some of your weather here. Hope it will start warming up here soon. Looking forward to seeing your wrap. X


  3. Tammy says:

    We never have much rain and my plants haven’t fared so well the past couple of years. Our growing season is only the few short winter months and then once the heat sets in, nothing much can survive anyways. The sunshine shawl looks lovely. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy


  4. nina says:

    Your garden looks oh so beautiful & inviting! sunshine I miss you! we are blessed with winter winds and frosty snow-rain .. brrr…
    your sunshine scraf looks quite nice 🙂


  5. Martijntje koomen says:

    How funny! I had to read it twice before it became clearing to me That I was reading a blog from someone who lives on the other side of the planet. Here spring has just arrived and it is still freezing cold, the coldest march in 25 years! I’m happy for you that you can still enjoy the sun. If you’re through with it, can you send it our way?

    Love, martijntje


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