Bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies

Thank you to everyone that has commented or emailed recently about the bunny pattern.  There seems to have been a huge number of bunnies made all over the world this past week, and I am so grateful for your lovely comments, messages and photos showing me your adorable bunnies!

Q created bunniesThe cuties above were made by Q over at Q Created.

You can see some more lovely bunnies here, here, and here, here and here, and here.

Thank you to everyone who shared the pattern. Nina at I feel Crafty has a super cute new blog, and she made a really nice post about them here.

And over on the Ravelry page you can see even more bunnies!

If that’s not enough bunny love, go and check out Moogly for more crochet bunny inspiration and 10 cute free bunny patterns.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend ♥ Janette xxx

27 thoughts on “Bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies

  1. onoodlesstitchcraft says:

    I also love your bunnies so much I made some too, my 22 year old son insisted they all have names, which were decided via the power of Skype since he is in Stockholm and I am in the UK! Picture the conversation we had with me bouncing bunnies in front of the webcam! You can see them over on my blog which naturally gives you credit for the cutest bunny design ever! I call it Bunny Brigade. It’s a bunny pandemic! I love the way everyone has added their own style. x


  2. cck says:

    Yesterday I´ve finished 16 bunnies, 10 of them will be given one each to my family when we will meet for Easter 🙂 As soon as I will make some pics of them I´ll find a way to send them to you (maybe via ravelry). Thanks for sharing the pattern… now it´s time for me to start doing some hearts and fish 🙂 Thanks for those patterns as well


  3. Vicky T says:

    I absolutely love these bunnies. I’ve made a few already and plan to “expand” my bunny family! Great way to use all those scraps of yarn. I used safety eyes on mine but you can also use round beads but sew them on with dental floss. It’s stronger than thread.


  4. nina says:

    Janette, congratulations!! Bunnies everywhere! how cool is that? 🙂
    Thanks for your compliment on my blog *sending you lots of love to the other side of the world!*


  5. Q says:

    Hey U!!! Thanks so much for the blog link love!!! I’m just starting out blogging and you sure made my day!! Much love, Q qcreated.com


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