Crochet shawl with bead edge

The project I mentioned last week was a pretty Eva’s shawlcrochet shawl bead edgeThis is a free pattern, and if you are new to shawl/wrap/lace crochet this is a great place to start.  It’s a very easy pattern. As it progressed I decided I wanted to add something to make what is actually a reasonably plain (though still beautiful) shawl, special… I decided on beads… and I think they really made the difference. Now its a one-of-a-kind luxurious designer beaded shawl!

Crochet shawl beaded edgeTo add beads to any crochet project, all you need to do is thread the required number of beads onto your yarn before you begin.  I finished the shawl and then fastened off and thread up the beads before beginning the edging… there are about 240 beads on this shawl and this part took almost as long as crocheting the entire rest of the shawl.bead crochet 3Once you are ready to add a bead to your crochet, just pull it up to where you are crocheting and crochet the bead into the next stitch.  This is one of those things that sounds more complicated than it is… once you begin it will all make sense! You have to keep working the chain of beads away from where you are crocheting so you have enough yarn to crochet so getting one in place isn’t very difficult.crochet shawl bead edgeThe beads add weight to the shawl edge, so it hangs nicely (I think).crochet shawl bead edgeAlthough photographing them in action is somewhat more difficult!!crochet shawl bead edgeAnd doesn’t look nearly as pretty as it does in real life (you are just going to have to trust me on this!) So there you go, one Eva’s shawl. crochet shawl bead edgeMental note to self, when photographing to share with the entire internet remember forehead (and neck!?) shine is not a good look! Must wear makeup next time…. please focus on the shawl! Hope you are having a wonderful (shine free) week! ♥ Janette xx

41 thoughts on “Crochet shawl with bead edge

  1. Jean in NH says:

    SO pretty! I have been looking for a beaded crochet shawl pattern and actually have this one in my favorites at Ravelry. LOVE LOVE LOVE the beaded idea with it!!!!


  2. stirandstitch says:

    lovely! i finally finished my eva’s shawl this winter and was about to post on it. yours looks more like what i wanted mine to look like – nice and open. can i ask what hook size and yarn weight you used?


    • Janette says:

      Yes it was a very fine 4 ply (I’d probably say it was actually a 3 ply) and a 5mm hook. It worked up fast and when Id blocked it turned out significantly larger than Id imagined. Jxx


  3. suth2 says:

    Thanks for sharing how to do beading on crochet. I taught myself to crochet many, many years ago and I hold the hook and wool like a knitter so it would be tricky to keep the beads away from me while crocheting. I suppose I would just be a bit slower as I would have to move the bead into place before continuing.


  4. Jenny says:

    Beautiful! I’ve used a .5mm crochet hook to add beads to knitted lace as I go along rather than pre-stringing. I wonder if that would work for crochet too?


  5. Nice piece of work says:

    exquisite, as usual! I don’t see any shine – although we are all in a state of permanent shine over here so maybe I just don’t notice any more 🙂 Now I just want to rush off and make the shawl….. thanks for another wonderful post.


  6. Stocki says:

    Gorgeous Janette… I’m going to try this one. The beads make it hang perfectly. Don’t worry about a little bit of shine… you will NEVER see me brave enough to model one of my makes!! x


  7. Gracie Gray says:

    Hi, I can’t wait to get started on this shawl. I bought a book on knitting with beads but haven’t completed any projects from it yet. But, seeing this shawl, I,m inspired to begin with your crochet project. I’ll keep you posted.


  8. Gracie Gray says:

    Hi Janette, it’s me , Gracie, again, where do I find the pattern for this beaded shawl?
    Can I buy it, if not for free?
    Thank you, Gracie


  9. Rita says:

    Hi :

    I absolutely love this shawl! You did a magnificient job. No you say you used 240 beads.
    Was that for the whole shawl or just the border. Any better pics or instructions. Your site
    does not let me print our the pics you have.



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