Toy camping

It all started with Lavender needing a sleeping bag and pillow please…

Toy campingThen Bongo had to have one too, and Carter thought (out loud to Mum) Bongo would really like to have a tent…

Toy camping1 And OF COURSE Lavender didn’t want to miss out on camping either… so could she have a tent the same please?

Toy camping 2Its a slippery slope!!

But so much fun, and the kids have had a lot of imaginative play with these tents in the past few days, so in case you want to make your own toy tent…

Make a toy tent 8How to make a toy tent frame…

  1. Using skewers make two equilateral triangles. Secure with masking tape.
  2. Make 3 side frames (these are overlapping skewers) held together with.. you guessed it… masking tape!
  3. Join Triangles to frame.  Use a LOT of masking tape to hold everything in place.

How to make a toy tent…

  1. Cut main fabric 3 x side height + seam allowance.  Pin in place
  2. Cut 3 triangles. Pin one to end.
  3. Cut other triangles in half plus a little for overlap.  Over sew and hem open edges.
  4. Pin opening side triangle halves in place.
  5. Remove from frame and sew all seams. Over sew all seams to finish edges.
  6. I secured the frame to the tent by hand sewing a few places on the front edge. Hand sew ribbon ties in place.

Make a toy tent 5Go on, take a toy camping!

Make a toy tent 9Hope you are having a fun week! Love Janettexxx

PS. Carter, the funny boy, was there keeping a watchful eye on Bongo when these photos were being taken but he was behind me because he didn’t want to be in the photos for some reason.

18 thoughts on “Toy camping

  1. Jenny says:

    So sweet! My mum used to knit all my toy clothes and it’s such a precious memory for me, I’m sure it will be for your daughter too.


  2. umanbn says:

    very cute, we did exactly the same for our daughters toys and the results were very similar. But I agree she has 40+ animals each with their own character and personality and NEEDS which cna be very time consuming…but fun


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