Lavender Rose

Lavender Rose 6Who’s that peeking out from the violas?

Lavender Rose 3 Why it’s the newest addition to our family… Lavender Rose.

Lavender Rose 5She’s an adorable little pocket spirit from By Hook, By Hand.  You can find the free pattern in the left hand sidebar under Links to Pocket Spirit Patterns… Lavender is a Jointed Pocket Spirit and she even has a whole wardrobe of patterns to crochet and sew, so far she only has the dress and these knickers:Lavender Rose 4But I’m sure there will be more additions in the next day or two!  Beth of By Hook, By Hand is incredibly creative and has some of the most comprehensive doll making information on the internet, so if you have been on the lookout for some seriously cute crochet, knit or fabric dolls, go over and check it out! Lavender Rose Hope you are having a wonderful first week of 2013! Lavender rose free crochet doll 7Bye bye xx


14 thoughts on “Lavender Rose

  1. bartynboz says:

    Thank you Janette for sharing your crotchet patterns. I love Lavender Rose and I’ve downloaded the pattern. I made your Princess Poppy for my grand-daughter, for Christmas’; I made a few mistakes in it, I am not as good as you are at crotchet, but my grand-daughter loved it. I find your blog very inspiring, so thanks again. Happy 2013.


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