Hand made gifts – polymer beads

Next up on our hand made gift round up are polymer bead necklaces…polymer bead necklace 3I’ve fallen love with the simplicity of these!  So cute and customisable… the color and size options are endless, we made these quite chunky beads, but there’s nothing stopping you making smaller or even bigger beads in any color your choose.
polymer bead necklaceI got these simple ball chain necklaces here, but I’m fairly sure you could find something similar at any crafty store (like Spotlight) and if you didn’t want to use necklaces, cord, ribbon or even embroidery cotton would all work just as well.

This is a perfect craft for last minute gift making, super quick and easy!

I used both fimo and sculpey to make these beads. The fimo was slightly softer, but he hardness seemed to vary from color to color. Break off a small amount and roll between your hands until soft and roundish:

polymer bead necklace 12If you are letting children make these, let me offer a word of caution: make sure their hands are clean!  Don’t roll for too long or you may pick up dirt and debris… not a good look for the completed beads.

Using a skewer or something similar make a hole in the bead. I chose to flatten the beads a little so they sat closer to each other, but that’s up to you really. I also like mine to be a little less than perfect, and slightly different sizes…

polymer bead necklace 15If you push almost through from one side, then flip over and push through from the other side the hole will be neater. Lay out on a baking tray (I used baking paper so as not to stain the tray) and bake for about 30 mins at about 130 C. Allow to cool and then thread…

Check out these other great sites for beads/necklaces/tutorials/inspiration:

Make lots for yourself and your friends (and two of these are going to Maia’s teachers)… Have fun!!

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