Simply beautiful

My lovely, luscious peony is in flower! This is a flower I simply have to share….These photos were taken in the late afternoon with the light filtering through the larger trees behind them, creating a beautiful effect on the petals. Three blooms this year – one more than last… I’m still hopeful that one day I’ll get a huge bush full! I hope your week is beautiful too, Love Janette xx

PS. In a complete coincidence, it’s exactly one year to the day since I last posted about this beautiful flower!

21 thoughts on “Simply beautiful

  1. Emma Zimmerman says:

    Beautiful!!! I have three different colors. Every year they will increase the blooms till there is so many they fall over with the heavy blooms. I put a pretty white fence around mine to hold them up This year they got so big around I need to put a bigger fence around them. A pretty decortive white fence about 18 to twenty-four inches high helps you to see the blooms and keeps them off the ground for a longer display period.


  2. christinaherrlichkeiten says:

    You just made my day a bit brighter! I love peonies and sunshine and miss both so much here in the northern hemisphere on that cold dark and rainy day where everything is just greys…


  3. badagle says:

    Lovely. I can’t wait for mine to bloom in the spring here in the US. I have a row of old plants that were my grandmother’s then my mother’s and now mine. They’ve been moved 3 times in 60 years and they just keep growing.


  4. Anastasia says:

    Positively gorgeous, the color is beautiful. I had some pale pink peonies that smelled so good many years. Do yours smell good. It wonderful to see them from the cold US. Thank you.


  5. Lily says:

    I love peonies – I have one that originally was taken from a plant that was in my home when I was born. It refuses to flower but I do not want to transplant it until we move to our new home. When it does flower it is a beautiful deep red. Enjoy yours. xxx


  6. Janet says:

    WOW what a colour. I really want to grown them but have been told that they need a cold spell in winter and our damp cold of Waitakere (NZ) just isn’t enought – I’m going to give it a shot and put ice on them over few weeks during the winter – I’m not holding my breath! Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Janette says:

      I sometimes go out and sprinkle ice cubes round mine- i I think the winter is not being cold enough!!! Its supposed to work (and I guess it does) as Hamilton really is pretty temperate


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