Crochet ballet slippers… restyle

Crochet ballet slipper Since I made these slippers for my niece, Maia has wanted a pair of crochet ballet slippers for her own…  but with spring already here there seems little point- the weather is after all only going to get warmer.  So I pulled a quickie and added a couple of crochet chain ties to her slippers from earlier in the year. End result? Maia is very happy with her ‘new’ crochet ballet slippers!

Because I didn’t give a pattern when I made these slippers, Ive added a few pointers below in lieu of a ‘how to’… in case you want to make these crochet slippers yourself:

Crochet slippers free patternThe ties are actually a great idea for crochet slippers, they hold them in place nicely (no slipping down over the heel) I just wove the ties through the back of the slipper 🙂

17 thoughts on “Crochet ballet slippers… restyle

  1. vera says:

    These are lovely. I’ve made crochet slippers before, but didn’t wear them much, because the soles were incredibly slippery. Do you do anything to make them non-slip?


  2. Lena says:

    Very cute! I printed the pic and will most definitely try then out. Have few days leave coming up – perfect late night project “-)


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