A gathering of scarecrows

Make a Scarecrow

Make a ScarecrowThis weekend was the annual ‘Gathering of Scarecrows’ at our local gardens.  Such fun, so many creative scarecrows made by local schools, preschools and families.  We even entered this year – Richie McStraw, Captain of the Straw Blacks (if you know anything at all about rugby you will know that Richie McCaw is the All Black captain and a most famous New Zealander).

Make a ScarecrowHis pants had fallen down…. and some stinky person STOLE his rugby boots right off his feet.  Aren’t some people unbelievable???

Make a ScarecrowNever mind, we had a lovely time wandering around the garden checking out all of the scarecrows on show, and enjoying the sun. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Jx

Make a Scarecrow

6 thoughts on “A gathering of scarecrows

  1. Irene Thibodeau says:

    Thank you for sharing your sunny weekend with us – its cold, windy and rainy over here and I enjoyed seeing your photos. I’ve never been to a scarecrow gathering, looks like fun 🙂 Too bad about Richie’s rugby shoes, I hope they weren’t new 😦 Maybe the stinky thief was trying for his pants too and that’s why they were hanging a tad low? (lol)


  2. sandiart says:

    Hi there, thank you for liking my post. Where about in NZ do you live? My mum and dad visited there years ago, they had friends up the top of the North Island, and loved it so much.
    xo Sandi


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