Halloween hello

These beautiful roses are a variety called Cecil Brunner. They were given to me by my lovely neighbour Stephanie… its not only a beautiful climbing rose but has an amazing scent and has been enticing me to spend time in the kitchen (sniffing, not working) all day. I think I shall have to add one to my garden – or maybe my Christmas list soon!Little rock ghostsWe don’t really celebrate Halloween in New Zealand, but the children and I decorated a few bits and pieces around the house including the little ghost rocks above.  I also made these divine cupcakes for dessert… decorated with orange cream cheese icing and spiders to mark the occasion:

Halloween cupcakes Hope you are having a happy day!

10 thoughts on “Halloween hello

  1. Nice piece of work says:

    So – you just casually knocked those spider cakes together???!!! Those would have taken me all day, and cost blood and sweat and tears!
    Love the roses surrounded by little ghost rocks. We don’t do Halloween here either, but in the spirit of those around the world who do, I thought I’d go without make-up today. hahaha


    • Janette says:

      It was an easy recipe… Carter did all the messy bits (and I cleaned up!), try it!!! You make me laugh! I don’t wear makeup most days, but when I do I usually get smart remarks from the kids. This morning Maia said gee I had a lot of wrinkles all around my eyes – here and here and over here (needless to say today was a makeup day!)


  2. Alessandra says:

    Happy Halloween to you,too!!
    Even in JK people don’t use to celebrate this occasion, but you can find a lot of shops adorned for the occasion! I’ve prepared two little bags full of treats for my boys!!!
    xxx Alessandra


  3. Faith says:

    I don’t do Halloween, but the uk is Halloween mad it seems, houses decorated like it’s Christmas and lots of parties….I don’t mind taking full advantage of reduced Halloween cakes on the first though! Your cakes look lovely…yum!

    I see a few posts ago you wrote that Christmas was 59 sleeps away…I have soooo much to do!


  4. Pamela says:

    I love my Cecile Brunner rose. I have it climbing my chicken house and when it is blooming and I go out to feed the “Ladies” each morning I get a fragrant welcome! If you get one make sure you get the repeat blooming one. Most only bloom in the Spring but there is a new strain that is a rebloomer. I have it on my ‘wish’ list.


  5. bleudedelf says:

    I just love the rocks!!! The simpler is often the better!
    Here, un France, Halloween isn’t a great thing either : just a few kids coming for sweets.
    We decorated the house though.


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