Granny love… a new bag

Sometimes resistance is futile.Β Crochet granny bagI made a new granny bag… I couldn’t help myself πŸ™‚

Granny crochet bag It’s lined in a lovely deep blue, and has a purple flower on one side and an orangey pink one on the other – depending on my mood!

This bag was easy to make… its simply a huge granny square – you can find the pattern here. Once the square is big enough (mine is about 60cm and 24 rounds) you line it (with a square of fabric) and then single crochet around the top of the bag (I mostly did this using crochet 2 together) to gather it together before sewing on the handles.Crochet granny bagIll be back in a few days with that tea cosy I promised. Hope you are having a lovely weekend! Janette x x

26 thoughts on “Granny love… a new bag

  1. Nice piece of work says:

    Noooooooooooooooo I can’t see this now! I have boring chore-type things to do today that I can’t get out of – otherwise I would have gone scrabbling for yarn to get going with one of these already. It is FANTASTIC, and you have made it absolutely perfectly. It’s going to be in my head all day now 😦


  2. robinbrz says:

    What a brilliant bag! Brilliant idea and brilliant colors!
    The blue inside is absolutely inspired and really gives it a rich look. No one can call this granny frumpy! Plus you’ve made it seem so easy – is it really?
    If it truly is I may have to give this a go myself!


    • Janette says:

      It really is, if you can make one giant granny square you can do this. The thing that takes the longest time is hand sewing the lining in place (hand sewing little stitches = not my favourite thing!)


      • Paula says:

        I have made several and I have machine sewed the lining on every one. You should try it. So much quicker than Gand sew. Means lining will never come undone over time too. Love the colour going to make me a red/purple one now!! Thanks!


  3. gentlestitches says:

    Thanks for this. I will be teaching at a crochet course 2nd term of next year and I am collecting projects one can make with granny squares. This is truly lovely and I don’t mind the little stitches at all.


  4. carine says:

    I like the orangey pink flower of your bag. Yes, you need a new bag to take your crochet projects with you πŸ˜‰
    Here, it is really cold for October: around 0Β°Celsius, strong wind, and a bit of snow.
    I already miss the sun.


  5. Heather says:

    Hey, this pattern has been on on my ravelry queue forever – now I REALLY want to get busy and make one. I love the colors you used, the lining color too.


  6. Albertina McNeill says:

    I really love your version of this bag which I’m working on at the moment. Really gorgeous rich colours. I’m going for a monochrome version and I’m making the square solid rather than a granny. The yarn is a black/white/grey/taupe sock type and I’m using a much smaller hook than I usually have to which is leaving me a bit cross eyed! I’m going to use black plastic handles because people kept telling me you can’t wash wooden or bamboo ones. I’m not sure that’s actually true, I expect you just have to be careful.


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