Baby ballet slippers

My youngest niece Freya had her baptism this week, so I made her these gorgeous wee ballet slippers for the occasion.  Doesn’t every almost three month old NEED a pair? Maia is quite jealous of them… wistfully mentioning (repeatedly stating) that she wished she had a pair just like them.  Sigh.   For her dramatics alone she probably deserves some 🙂

Take a baby bootie pattern and turn it into a ballet slipper in three easy steps:

1. The pattern I used is an easy one, you can find it over here.  I used only two colours… pink for the sole and white for the entire upper (Added bonus? Less sewing in of ends). Don’t make the band that goes across the top.

2. Make a pretty flower… like so:  Make a magic circle and hdc into the circle 10 times- pull the circle tight and join with a ss. Next round, sc, 3dc into the first stitch, sc into the next stitch around.  Repeat 5 times to form the first layer of petals. This round is made by working on the back of each petal; chain two and join with a ss to the opposite edge of first petal (creating a loop), continue creating ch 2 loops behind all petals. Finally create the layer of larger petals by sc, 5dc, sc into each ch 2 loop around.  Fasten off and leave a long end to attach to front of slipper… butterfly buttons optional.

3. Make the all important ballerina ties by using a length of ribbon and threading them through the back of the slipper.

Viola… pink and white cuteness!!!

Crochet ballet baby booties slippers free patternCrochet ballet baby booties slippers free patternCrochet ballet baby booties slippers free patternCrochet ballet baby booties slippers free pattern

65 thoughts on “Baby ballet slippers

  1. gentlestitches says:

    I am in pink and white cute heaven!! Most generous of you to post it. I have a gorgeous baby in mind for these and I will send photos when they are finished.


  2. Irene says:

    Thank you so much for this pattern – these slippers are so feminine, so absolutely perfectly pink and white! No doubt this pattern will become the favorite ‘go-to’ for baby gifts. I know I can’t wait to make a pair for a co-worker who is expecting and then I will have to try to enlarge the pattern somehow to fit my 15-month-old granddaughter! I don’t know what I’ll do if my daughter-in-law decides she wants a pair too!! (lol)


  3. Sarah Millikin says:

    So sweet! I have a question…did you do the row of dc for the upper like the pattern or did you do 2 rows of sc? I can quite tell from your pictures.



  4. Kathie says:

    Would you take an order for these? I love them…. My daughter is having a baby girl – IVY- due Sept. 18th. Would love to have them for her !!!!!!


  5. Karen Queen says:

    I feel so silly – obviously others have found it, but I cannot find this pattern. Can you help – please. Am making booties for my granddaughter to be born in November, and absolutely fell in love with the ballerina slippers.


  6. terimallek says:

    Absolutely adorable. I will be making two pair one for a granddaughter due 3/23/14 and one who is just over 10 months old! Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart! ❤ Teresa {Teri}


  7. Beryl Wratten says:

    Love love love these little slippers would you be able to send me the pattern please. I would be so grateful as my daughter-in-law wants them for a keepsake box for their baby girl who was stillborn in March this year. Thank you soo much it would mean a lot.I await your reply. Regards Beryl.


  8. terimallek says:

    Thank you for the pattern. I’ll be making 2 pairs : one for my soon to be 11 month old granddaughter and an infant o air for my soon to be granddaughter in March 2014!


  9. sassy02 says:

    So adorable thanks, I will have to make 3 pair for my sister’s 3 great granddaughters 2 we are still waiting on, lol Now you need to make Maia a pair 🙂


  10. Judy Hull says:

    Love the slippers and have made the little apple slippers several times and have the ballet slippers made. BUT I am having trouble with the flower. I see by picture how it should look but having trouble figuring out how you did it. Thanks Love all your patterns.


  11. Judy Hull says:

    Ok . This is probably a dumb question but How many times did you wrap the ribbon around leg. Around the front cross and Tye in back (or) back around front again and tye in front.?Thanks These are so cute.


  12. Ann says:

    I Love these ballerina booties but the link is taking me to the apple slippers. Can you direct me to the ballerina pattern? I would love to make these!


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