Flower cushion

Crochet flower cushion free patternSome of you guessed last week when I showed you this work in progress… yes it was a blooming flower cushion and it turned out beautifully, so bright and cheerful!

Its been a favourite for cuddles on the couch this week; all soft, squishy and textured…

Crochet flower cushion free patternAnd just last night I spotted our cat, Billy, snuggled up on a blanket and between two cushions looking very comfortable! I’m guessing he was a bit chilly because the fire wasn’t on, sure looks peaceful though doesn’t he?

Well I hope you have a lovely weekend planned…  I’m going to be making curtains and I have a little bunting in mind. The children and I are headed away for a few days with my parents on Sunday which will be a really nice break.  So whatever you have planned I hope you have fun and we’ll talk again next week, take care xx

25 thoughts on “Flower cushion

  1. Annette says:

    It looks wonderfull.
    Beautifull made..
    Is it hard to do?? Never made such a flower..
    I love that blanket with the pink/purple.

    Do you have a pic where al your selfmade blankets and pillows are on?? I love to see them


    • Janette says:

      HI Annette, I made the blanket last year you can read about it here.

      And if you do a search for ripple blanket heaps of posts about it will come up 🙂

      The other cushion was actually one of my first posts; also over a year ago, check it out here.

      Thanks for your lovely comments xx


  2. Nicky says:

    I’ve had this pattern languishing in my queue for months now; yours is AWESOME!!! Makes me want to look at the pattern again.

    Have a great time off with your kiddos and Happy Weekend to you too. 🙂


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