A break in the weather

This week I made this tote for my sister in law, who’s birthday was a couple of weeks back (this is very tardy present giving isn’t it). It’s in very bright colors which I hope she will like, its also reversible. You can find the pattern here.

During a break in the rain we decided to take it over to the park to photograph…

This proved too tempting for my two assistants. No sooner were we there, the boots and coats were off and they were scrambling around at top speed…. relishing in being out and about, and enjoying the squishy muddy ground and soft spring grass between their toes. Fortunately I had a bag to carry all the stuff home in 😉

Joy at this time of year? Simply to be playing outside! Hope you are having a lovely week xx

4 thoughts on “A break in the weather

  1. Sandra says:

    Beautiful bag!!!
    I’ve mentioned to you in my blog, because you inspire me a lot… it´s in Spanish, but you can see two of your hair ties tutorials I have done.


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