How’s your week going? The Olympics are drawing to a close so I might actually get on and do a little more instead of spending my mornings and evenings glued to the TV.  Here in New Zealand we are 11 hours behind the action, meaning that the main viewing time runs right through our night. Routine is out the window as we make exceptions for additional TV time to catch a few minutes more of athletic magic… which inevitably means a last minute dash out the door to get to school/work each morning.  Thank goodness its only every four years…

Crochet shawl free patternI finished this pretty purple shawl a few weeks back, but have only just managed to photograph it (in the sun!) so I can tell you about it. I’ve had plenty of wear out of it already, and can see it being a firm favourite for spring and cooler summer evenings.crochet shawl free patternThe pattern is gorgeous and it worked up amazingly quickly, only actually taking me two nights to complete.  The wool is a very light 4ply (I would probably even call it a 3ply) that I picked up at a craft market.  Its a gorgeous shimmery blend of purply-pinks with just a hint of blue.  I have a stack left over and am not sure exactly what I will do with it… maybe make another to give away 😉 I also brought a lovely bluey-green and I haven’t decided what I’ll make out of that so if you have any ideas for a 3-4ply something lovely let me know.

Do you want to see what it ALL looks like?  Well here you go…

crochet shawl free patternYou can find the pattern here, and the Ravelry link here. Its in Japanese… which I don’t read – but the picture is easy enough to follow and once you have repeated the pattern a few times it becomes very easy (just a two row repeat). I made it using a 5.5mm hook, not the 4mm recommended (and I think it may have called for 8ply yarn), but like any shawl pattern of this style you start at a point and work out, so you just stop when its (almost) as big as you would like. Blocking will make it a little bit bigger and although it is not entirely necessary, it did make the edging sit very nicely.

Thank you all for your thoughtful comments about Carter, he’s getting better and I’m sure a few more days rest and he will be back to his old bouncing self! Hope you have a lovely weekend, take care! Janette xx

20 thoughts on “Wispy…

  1. isabel says:

    adoro seu trabalho,mas só tenho pena de não entender muito bem como se faz, não entendo os símbolos o que significam,mas vou tentar aprender,Parabéns,pelo trabalho.


  2. Kathy Kraetsch says:

    I just love your site/blog! Thank you for all the inspiring projects! You cheer me up as I’m facing another 100+ degree day here in smokey Northern California. ThankYou and have a wonderful rest of the week! *Kathy


  3. Emily says:

    Any chance you can do a quick video tutorial?! Please??? I’m trying to make these as gifts for a special sisters’ week-end and I can’t read crochet patterns (in Japanese or otherwise). But I can follow along when someone shows me how to do it! Thanks for considering.


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