First embroidery…

Maia has been wanting to try her hand at embroidery since we saw this post over at Made By Joel. So last time NanaOla was staying she brought some supplies along with her and they gave it a go…Child first embroideryMaia created the design herself… four hearts, one for Mummy, one for Daddy, one for Carter and one for her…. Ohh such a sweet girl!When it was complete we chose a backing fabric and I sewed it into a pillow for her… She was literally beaming with pride when it was finished!And she wrote a story about it the next day at school!  Such fun! xx

8 thoughts on “First embroidery…

  1. veiledpurl says:

    What a sweetheart! This kind of reminds me when I sew my niece always loves to watch. So yesterday she “helped” me sew a few stitches. She was so proud, she went around the house and showed it to her mommy, uncle, and aunty (her daddy was at work). 🙂


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