Violets in a vaseYesterday while the kids and I were out on a ramble we came across a huge patch of violets.  I love violets, they remind me of my grandfather and this was a patch of those old-fashioned beauties with long stems and an intoxicating perfume.  They were his favourite flower and every time I smell their sweet scent I am transported to my childhood, my grandparents house and a lot of happy memories.  I picked a huge bunch which is now scenting my kitchen – and I also pulled up a small section of vine with rootlets (is that a word) which I have in water in the hope that roots will grow and I can grow some violet memories for my garden…

17 thoughts on “Violets

  1. Lisa Bonner says:

    I have violets growing at my front door, some of them have mutated from purple to white, but they smell just as beautiful and look stunning together in a vase.


  2. Faith says:

    They are so pretty aren’t they? Do you get those little sweets in NZ, they’re called Parma violets? They smell and taste perfumed….in little tubes.


  3. Lily says:

    The violets are beautiful – one of my favourite smells. The violets in this country don’t smell of anything; maybe they are different kinds. I wish we could get fragrant ones. i love that a smell can take you back to a special time. I opened my Nan’s cook book the other day and i was greeted with such a familiar smell that I could have been back with her. It wasn’t anything I could describe but it certainly made me feel safe and secure. Hope your violets grow. Lily. xxx


    • Janette says:

      I have some of the unscented ones in our garden too, but the flowers aren’t as nice and they have no smell whatsoever… I didn’t know there were different varieties either…


  4. Barbina says:

    I love violets! We had lots of it in our garden when I was a child. They bring back happy childhood memories for me too!
    Have a wonderful new week! xxxBarbina


    • Janette says:

      I’m wondering that too, but because of the time of the year and because it is so wet and cold I wouldn’t want them to die. Maybe I’ll try a bit in a pot and leave some in the water…


  5. Lyn Zalk says:

    Violets and lily of the valley and I am no longer 60 but 3 (or under and) and living with my Grandparents as well!!! Many hybridized varieties usually only old heirlooms have the best scent.. Yes dig up plants and place in soil…. keep gently moist and warm with semi indirect light until you are certain they have rooted and are going to stick around… can then be planted outside in your proper season for doing so 🙂


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