The winter garden…

Isn’t the picture it was in summer. My garden is thriving on neglect. Ok, well maybe not thriving exactly, but there is certainly a lot of late summer/autumn growth which should be hauled out and composted.

Still, if you squint a bit and use some imagination… it’s kind of beautiful!

We’ve been enjoying(?) frequent frosts, fog and some pretty dreary days this week, as winter has finally taken her hold. With autumn departing so to has my desire to get out in the garden. So while the wide variety of dead flowers and seed heads are lovely, I cant really continue to convince myself that Im saving them to collect the seeds – especially now the seeds have long since dispersed of their own accord.

I can only (sit inside in front of the blazing fire and) wait for spring, when the warmer weather, longer days and the prospect of new seedlings swings me into action.

So Im thinking this winter maybe we will go in for a wild life garden

Encouraging bugs and critters to seek refuge in our back yard, we’ve already taken in a family of snails… and just this week something else (much cuter) was nibbling on my winter veg:

She especially liked my silver beet and kale…

Crochet bunny rabbit You can find out how to make a cute bunny just like her (and lots of other adorable wee creatures as well) over at Lucy Ravenscar.

6 thoughts on “The winter garden…

  1. Lyn Zalk says:

    No need for me to use my imagination this garden is LOVELY!!!!! Though I Am one who adores the garden in all stages each season!!!!! Thanx for sharing yours with me!


  2. Faith says:

    There is always something beautiful going on in the garden…..I am rocking the wildflower meadow at the moment in mine! I did briefly decide yesterday to allow the buttercups, in an otherwise empty place, remain….they do look very happy and cheery bobbing about in the rain and wind.

    The bunny is very cute!


  3. Annette says:

    But I have one question.. we have spring summer here.. last post you meantions that you had fall and now Winter..
    Where do you life?? on the Northpole? hihihi


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