Tea for two…

Crochet tea cosySit down a minute and have a cup of tea with me…

Crochet tea cosyYou know, it wasn’t that long ago that I didn’t really like tea – hot chocolate was more my scene.  But in an effort to reduce the amount of sugar I consume (which quite frankly, is a lot!), a few months ago I took up tea drinking.

Crochet tea cosyAnd, now that I have quit all heavily sugar/fat laden drinks, it seems that I am almost constantly with cup of tea in hand! Usually it’s green tea, my favourite (in case you were interested) is Dilmah, Green Tea with Moroccan Mint.  YUM!

The tea cosy keeps my brew warm now the weather is cooling down. I love the bright cheeriness of the flowers.

Crochet tea cosySo take a minute, sit down and have a cuppa.  Put your feet up, you deserve it. xx

Edited: You can now find the free crochet tea cosy pattern here.

22 thoughts on “Tea for two…

  1. Faith says:

    My hubby is a big tea drinker and in the morning has to have about three in a row to start functioning……….I like tea, but it has to be the optimum temperature (not too hot, not too cold) which it only is for about three minutes, so I spend a lot of time only drinking half a cup. Your tea cosy is very cute, I’ve been doing tea cosies recently, but on two sticks not one.


  2. Jean in NH says:

    THank you – I needed that little break.

    Your tea area is such a bright sunshin-y spot! Love the table topper – is there a pattern?


  3. Heather says:

    Tea drinker here too. I’m having my favorite – chai – right now with breakfast. 🙂 I love your tea cozy. Is the table topper the granny mandala pattern? It looks familiar.


  4. Rachael says:

    I’ve been thinking recently that I ought to take up tea-drinking so I have an excuse to make tea cosies!!! (Have only been crocheting this year but it’s consuming me!)
    But just a hint…..fresh raw milk from your local farmer all frothed up and yummy with cocoa powder dissolved into it is actually very good for you. No, it’s not as sweet as drinking chocolate, but once you’ve lost the sugar craving, it actually hits the spot quite nicely.


  5. beberouge says:

    Love the tea cosy. I too am on the sugar cutting diet, but mine is because I seem to over indulge in chocolate I’m not sure how it gets in my tummy but it always finds it’s way there. hehe.


    • Janette says:

      Unfortunately no 😦 I decided not to because every tea pot is a different size and if I did do one, it probably wouldn’t work for others as well as it worked for mine. Sorry!


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