New jammies

What do you call them…  Jammies, Pjs, Jim jams, Pajamas?

Whatever you call them, they HAVE to be cosy! The photos taken at night did not turn out very well… my flash is not the greatest.

And Maia was the only one willing for a photo shoot first thing the next morning (I love how cute she is half awake 🙂 ).  Pajama pants really are the easiest thing to sew – they whip up in about 20 minutes… making them the perfect project in my book!  I buy the cotton t-shirts and applique something to the front to match them up with the home made pants. You can find a great tutorial here.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Jx

22 thoughts on “New jammies

  1. Barbina says:

    Your kids are soo cute in their new jammies! We are calling those Schlafanzugshosen. 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing the link. One day, I will try this too.
    Have a wonderful weekend! xxxBarbina


    • Janette says:

      I have had to wash them and have them ready each day… not sure how well they will stand up to constant washing and wearing!!! But on the flip side at least I know they like them 🙂


  2. Lyn Zalk says:

    Cannot wait to run out and grab several yards of flannel – then making a bunch for myself and my granddaughter….. I am raising her and we both love to snuggle for as long as possible in our jammies….. we be: lounge lizards!!!!! ❤ thanx for a GREAT easy do tutorial…. as I too try to avoid patterns, pinning and all other unnecessary steps!!!!


    • Janette says:

      We are going to be lounge lizards this weekend I think. The weather is awful, so nothing better than staying in and keeping warm! I am not a fan of patterns, and the beauty of flannelette is that it sticks together!


  3. Faith says:

    I think I call them all of the above!

    They look lovely, what a great idea, I just said so to my hubby and he screwed his face up, what is it with men!


    • Janette says:

      They just don’t get it, my husband is the very same about most of my crafty endeavors!!! These are so cool to make and the kids think they are ace!!


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