Invisible pictures….

This morning the kids had fun ‘painting’ invisible pictures.  Dad drew something on white paper in white crayon and the kids painted over using food colouring mixed in water (the water colours we normally use were just too weak for this)… their appetite for these paintings well outstripped his desire to create them!  Here are a few;

But it was such a lot of fun!  Hope you are having a wonderful week. Jxx

15 thoughts on “Invisible pictures….

  1. Stocki says:

    What a brilliant idea… I’ve never seen these before – though we used to have books that you just wet with water and the colours appeared… what a lovely idea of Brenda’s (above) to do some and post them to her Grandchildren… Awww… I want Brenda to be my Nanna! Hugs, Jill x


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