Toasty toes

It’s starting to cool down a bit – the days are still very warm – but the mornings are getting chilly, which means time to pull on some crochet slippers and warm up those toeses. So Ive just made both children a new pair of slippers, using a granny square for the top. Carter’s are plain blue:

Childrens Crochet slippers Childrens Crochet slippers While Maia’s are a bright reddy pink with green and yellow centers.  They both love them!

Childrens Crochet slippers Childrens Crochet slippers No pattern to share I’m afraid.  This is the first time I’ve made slippers like this and I just crocheted a sole that fitted their foot, then sewed the granny in place before doing a few rounds to connect the two parts together… a bit tricky to give exact measurements for but pretty easy if you have got the feet right there to keep measuring against to ensure the perfect fit! They seem very comfy so I might make myself a pair next! Jxx

8 thoughts on “Toasty toes

  1. stocki says:

    That’s what so lovely about crochet though Janette… whip up a couple of soles and a granny top…and you get such gorgeous results! Love the little feet models :)x


  2. beberouge says:

    I want some!! They look amazing, I was just looking at some knitted slipper socks in the shops to day thinking surely I can make them. Love the crochet granny square look. xx


  3. hstuart3 says:

    These are adorable slippers. Love the boy and girl look with the same slippers. My kids desperately need new slippers too. I should attempt something like this. Love!


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