Two bags for the price of one…

My yoga mat was in serious need of a little glammed up bag… I was sick of trying to jam it into the one it came in, which quite frankly was looking pretty ratty. So this weekend I picked up a meter of a gorgeous (in my opinion) canvas style fabric at our local Spotlight for about $17.

An easy Yoga BagThe big ribbon bow was absolutely necessary.

Easy Yoga BagIt whipped up in about an hour.  I was going to do a tut… but this was as far as that got;

Easy Yoga Bag

I can give you the measurements though if you would like to make one of your un-homed  yoga mat (or maybe make a tubular bag for some other purpose… ummm, tent poles?).

Strap = 7cm x 80 cm (fold in half long ways, sew into a tube, turn in right way – attach into seam when you join the circle to the bag).

Bag = 45cm x 80cm, fold over about 10cm at the top to make a casing for the ribbon, join the long side seam (right sides together) then attach to the circle. Remember to check your mat actually fits in the bag once the side seam is sewn.

Circle = 16cm diameter, pin to the bag all the way around before carefully sewing in place.

Voila; one glamorous yoga bag. Guaranteed to make you and your mat feel like a million dollars.

AND. If you are like me you will realise at this point that actually there is enough fabric left for another whole bag… so even more quickly whip up a pretty little (actually quite big) tote; if you keep your head down, despite much grumbling your husband may even cook dinner while you are sewing (‘its important, I really need another bag’).

This morning it made a trip to the library with Carter and I, it even has a little pocket inside to hold my wallet and keys so they don’t get lost at the bottom.

So there you go, a little creative sewing: 1 meter of material + about two hours sewing = two bags…. I love it! I think I’m getting my sewing mojo back!

Hope you’re having a great week. Jxo

15 thoughts on “Two bags for the price of one…

  1. Barbina says:

    Hi Janette! I love your two bags! Especially the second one. I have realized that crochet is much easier for me than sewing! I hope, I can manage to make such wonderful bags too in near future!
    Have a great week too!


  2. Brianna says:

    Are you kidding? I totally LOVE IT!! And the bow is perfect… the bow would also look good in any BRIGHT solid color, like red or neon pink or bright blue…


  3. happygreendragonfly says:

    I love it! You made 2 bags in 2 hours? Man, you’re productive!
    I have so many yoga mat bags and you’re making me want to make one for myself! I thought I was done with yoga mat bags when I finished my crocheted yoga mat bag… Now, I have to go SEW a yoga mat bag. Golly!


  4. Lily says:

    Hi Jannette – I really wish I could sew like this. I feel confident to try almost any other type of craft except sewing: its like a mental block of mine. The fabric is is really impressive.

    Lily. x


  5. Joan says:

    Awesome craftiness and talent! The bags are beautiful!! I hope to make them some day too, since I mostly crochet:) …have a lovely day!


  6. gillian says:

    OMG! I just bought this exact same fabric to make a yoga bag 🙂 just haven’t touched it yet as am still unsure of my skills. You’re amazing for finishing it an hour. Thanks for sharing this. Very encouraging! Am feeling a bit braver 🙂


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