We enjoyed a beautiful Sunday following a few days of inclement weather… but the summer has left us. The light is different – no longer bright and bold, more shaded and muted, and the air, much like the light, is cool. We had a good restful weekend, and I managed to fit in a little creating which I will share with you this week.

Out and about with my camera this morning: Still loving the colours in my slowly dying hydrangeas; the chickens have started losing feathers, I’m collecting them with a purpose in mind; this gorgeous wee fellow was flitting around, enjoying the sun in the sheltered spots; the first of my pumpkins – these are just babies which we will use for the pumpkin festival (the kids will enter in the smallest pumpkin competition and the pumpkin decorating); there are lots of seeds appearing in my garden – this is a gorgeous dill seed head, I love to sprinkle them about to grow at will; we are enjoying a wonderful crop of golden queen peaches… the very best peach variety in my opinion!

I hope you had an enjoyable Sunday too! Jxo

9 thoughts on “Sunday…

  1. Irene Thibodeau says:

    Thank you for sharing your days with all who read The Green Dragonfly. Your descriptions are so vivid I can almost feel the sun, smell the flowers, hear the chickens….. I very much enjoy reading your posts and even more enjoy your photos, you’ve quite an eye for composition and colour. You provide a nice escape for me here in Ontario where we are still dealing with winter (-9 degrees Celsius, snowing AGAIN on top of the several feet covering my poor flower beds). Oh well, in a few more months I will be enjoying my blossoms again. In the meantime, I’ll live vicariously through your blog….
    Thank you for being there 🙂


    • Janette says:

      Oh dear, I hope it warms up for you and your flower beds soon- here even in the deepest of winter we’re not under snow!!! Its a pity a little warmth cant travel over the internet isn’t it? Thank you for your lovely kind words Irene, Janette xx


  2. Faith says:

    How odd to think you’ve had your Sunday,I’m sitting here cup of tea and iPad beginning mine, I still find it hard to get my head around.

    Our days are definitely brighter, with glimpses of blue skies sometimes, the boys even wanted their supper in the garden last night as they were convinced it was ‘hot enough’! We’re not quite there yet, but it’s improving noticeable now!

    Your photos as ever are gorgeous, those peaches look lovely….my nectarine tree has only had about three fruit on it!


  3. stocki says:

    Well spring is ‘springing up’ here Janette, there are little green shoots everywhere.. but today it is POURING! Never mind… we need the rain and I keep imagining all those little bulbs waking up with a cool, fresh drink! Have a good week… :)x


  4. Sara says:

    It’s almost spring here. Hurray! I’m so ready for it. Gorgeous pictures Janette. Always make me happy when I stop by The Green Dragonfly. 🙂


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