Its a pretty quiet weekend here, the weather is beautiful in a way only the end of summer can be. Ive been spending lots of time playing my banjo… in the garden sorting out the end of summer crops and flowers, and getting some winter staples in the ground… yesterday we had a family trip to our zoo… and I’m hoping to slip in a spot of time just relaxing and reading before the new week takes hold.  What are you getting up to?

9 thoughts on “Weekend…

  1. Marcie Cumberland says:

    Just goofing off here too. Played on the computer a bit, wrote out some cards for some kids under the weather, and a little crocheting. Big salad for dinner and a DVD with my Honey this evening. The sun is at the perfect angle for some lovely sunsets now.


  2. Lisa says:

    More banjo photos please!

    Off to a yoga day today. Looking forward to it, but sad to be missing out on family time on a really clear, crisp almost-springtime day.

    Take care janette!


    • delphine says:

      Family time here, with my two boys and my niece : but here, it’s the end of winter…. buds are coming and the first flowers are showing themselves…. I must say, I’d love a summer week-end though! Thanks for the pictures.


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