A little Christmas crochet inspiration

Thought I might share a couple of Christmas crochet projects Ive been working on…

These crochet Christmas card decorations are now making a lovely display in my kitchen.  I found the idea at the dutch sisters site and knew I had to make some!

Crochet Christmas CardsIt’s really simple; just crochet a pretty picot edge around a old Christmas card and viola, a snazzy wee decoration.  Love love love it! I might do some photos like this after Christmas to hang in the same spot…

Crochet Christmas CardsThe photo makes them look a bit wonky – and its too dark to take another now – really they’re not!

I also just finished this little guy.  I was going to write up a pattern for him, but I dont have the time (maybe next year). At any rate he’s just a ball (two thirds white, one third red and a black belt) with a santa hat and some (pipe cleaners in his) legs.  Maia informs me he needs boots, so Ill have to add that to the list 🙂

Crochet SantaI cant believe its actually less than a week till Christmas, and Ive still got so much to get done!  Fortunately all my shopping is done, just waiting on a couple of things that I ordered over the internet to arrive (fingers crossed!). How’s it going at your place, all calm and zen like just waiting for Christmas to arrive, Or??? Jx

20 thoughts on “A little Christmas crochet inspiration

  1. aboutGoodness says:

    Your kitchen decoration looks so good! All of those card decorations are so cute! I would never think that a beautiful edge can change the looks of card so much. Wonderful work! And thank you for sharing it!


  2. stocki says:

    Hello Janette…what a wonderful idea! I really love these and would never have thought of crocheting into paper! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog… it is always so nice to hear from you…and I’m so happy to hear that you will send me a square for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket..I think most people are waiting until the Christmas rush is over…I got the first ones in the post this weekend, so I shall blog about them later today … I’m off to spend a day Christmas shopping with my daughter… :)x


  3. Joanne says:

    I’m quite organised this year. It’s the first year I’ve not been working and have managed to get everything done early. I know I have probably forgot something major and will not realise until Christmas eve, and then will panic!!
    Those cards look wonderful, it looks like you have bought them as hangings like that. So simple but so effective.
    Your Santa looks lovely, just the thing to sit on the mantelpiece. You have thought of some fantastic things to do over the christmas, now could you just get me a few more hours in the day to fit them in 😉


  4. beberouge says:

    aww that little santa is so adorable. I also can’t believe we are so close to Christmas I say it every year but it creaps up on me and every year I promise to be more organised maybe this will be the year haha. Merry Christmas. xx


  5. Cherish says:

    Just saw this when searching through Google Images. Very cool idea! Makes me very happy I’ve been saving cards. I just posted a link on my FB page (fb.com/cherishablesnj)


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