Book Advent Calendar

This year we are doing an Advent Book Calendar with the kids. Its really simple, 24 Christmas Books, all wrapped up and marked for each day leading up until Christmas. This way, we will be reading a Christmas story a night together as a family!

Advent book calendarWe actually only own 6 Christmas books, but Ive been trawling the internet and have picked up a bunch of books for very little, plus Ive got some from our library (4 weeks loan time) so its not as an expensive an activity as it may at first seem… and we will build the collection up over the next few years.ย  I’m hoping it will become a family tradition!ย  Of course we still have the chocolate laden version as well- unfortunately the concept of one a day (after dinner) for 24 days is lost on a two and a half year old… he ate four this morning before I realised what he was up to!!!

10 thoughts on “Book Advent Calendar

  1. Janette says:

    Hey Carine, thanks for that link Ill be sure and check it out each day, what cool idea. I know who am I to judge as I sit here stuffing myself with choccies now he is in bed. He was so proud of himself too…


  2. Faith says:

    Lovely idea….my boys were aghast yesterday when I told them there was no chocolate in calendars when I was a kid… I remember I did have a calendar with pictures behind the windows……’what no chocolate!!’


  3. Barbina says:

    Hi Janette!
    I love your calendar idea, I will keep this in my mind for next year!
    I was lying in bed the last two weeks with a very bad ear infection, but now Iยดm better. It was so nice of you, to write me something on my blog. It is wonderful, that there are people out there who care for you! Thank you so much! Barbina


  4. stocki says:

    Hi Janette… Nooooo.. dont tell me this wonderful idea now that my children are too old!! They do all live at home though so maybe I could just enforce it…a kind of new house rule…one job for Mum a day and everyone sits down for a Christmas story every night… I would love it, but I think we know what their reaction would be!! Ahh well… I’ll look forward to doing it with the Grandchildren … thanks for popping over to the blog :)x


  5. Joanne says:

    That is a wonderful idea, think I may have to remember that for next year and could start putting books away as I see them. Thanks for sharing that.
    My son has been driving me mad all morning and can’t understand why he can’t eat his chocolate till this afternoon. He thinks that 6am is a good time for chocolate!


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