Ben the Blackbird’s Babies

A little blackbird cuteness for you…

Ben, where are you going with all that food?Blackbird with foodWhat do you mean that’s all, Dad?Blackbird and baby“Dad… Dad… Im STILL hungry!”Baby blackbird“Dad, what’s taking so long?”Baby blackbirdThis father’s work is never done!

Blackbird feeding baby

These guys are growing so quickly its amazing… there are three of them and they are getting much more adventurous, coming right on the deck within a metre or two of the door.  They don’t seem to get the food themselves though, just squawk a lot till Dad brings it. Poor Dad, he’s overworked! Ben now comes right up to the deck door and peers inside waiting for someone to come out and feed him. I wonder if Mum is back sitting on a new clutch because I haven’t seen her around for more than a week.

9 thoughts on “Ben the Blackbird’s Babies

  1. Sonia says:

    So cute!
    I have some really interesting sounding birds talking to each other around my place lately. Fred (my cat) just sits mesmerised by them as they sit on the edge of the roof. I don’t know what they are, but I haven’t heard them around here before.
    I just love that you are able to get close enough to take such good photos!


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