Two hexagons…

What could you possibly make with two granny hexagons? Why this of course…

Crochet Hexagon CardiNo not the child… the shrug!!!!  I started on Sunday night while I watched a movie and it was all finished by Tuesday night… so quick!!  All you do is make two granny hexagons (just a granny with six sides instead of the usual four), fold them in half and sew them together up the back and across the shoulders (leaving a gap for your neck) and before you know it you have a Granny Shrug.

Crochet Hexagon CardiI finished this one with a pretty scalloped edge around the fronts and along the back (single crochet around the neck), and two simple little ties to hold it together with a bow. I used an 8ply (DK) yarn and a 4.5mm needle to give it a bit of drape.  Im so happy with how it turned out, and Maia loves it! Yay!

I think I NEED to make myself one!

You can find how to make one here (at Kootoyoo- a very cool site) and the written pattern is here (Thornberry is another great crochet resource).  Make one, go on… you wont regret it I promise!

Anyways, crochet hexagon madness aside I hope you are having a great week, thank you all for your lovely comments about my work recently ~ you’re all so kind and I do appreciate the time you spend reading about what I do and writing your thoughts… I really love reading them.  I also appreciate everyone who reads and leaves quietly, thank you for stopping by too! Lots of love Janette xxx

PS. I do apologise for the excessive use of exclamation marks in this post…

19 thoughts on “Two hexagons…

  1. stocki says:

    Aww your daughter is gorgeous… she makes a perfect model and she obviously loves her beautiful shrug… my daughter is 27 and I think she might like it too! I can’t get the written pattern (PDF) to open on the link you gave so I’m off to Ravelry to see if it is there.. thanks so much for this Janette :)x


  2. heather says:

    This is so cute!!! I was just on the search for shrug patterns too this week! My girls are in a wedding in early April and their cute little dresses are going to need a shrug to keep them toasty!


  3. sameera says:


    Love this, going to give it a go but can’t quite picture how it is sewn together, possible to post pictures of where to sew please? Thank you


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